The Bookworm Beat 5/30/16 — the illustrated Memorial Day edition

I’ve got several very moving images here but, before I dive into them, I want to make sure you read the story of Army Sergeant James John Regan, the man whose life and death led to this picture, one so moving that it has appeared repeatedly on social media every Memorial Day since his death in 2007:

Military James Regan's grave

And now for the other illustrated reminders of what today is all about:

Military high price of freedom

Military facts about Vietnam wall

Military memorial day underpins other holidays

Military day at the beach

Military owing the dead

Military Ronald Reagan on Memorial Day

Military a day to remember what they did

Military planting flags on Memorial Day

Military Memorial Day not barbecue day

Military Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

And a political one, because it matters:

Obama Hiroshima but not Pearl Harbor

(Thanks to Caped Crusader for helping compile this post.)