[VIDEO] Progressives achieve unheard of eugenic success against blacks

Black lives lostThe Prager U video below, narrated by and based upon research from, Heather MacDonald is actually titled “Are The Police Racist?”. However, watch it and you will learn that modern-day Democrats have achieved something that the Social Darwinists of the 19th century, and the eugenicists of the 21st centuries could only dream of:

They’ve put ostensibly “pro-black” systems in place that, in fact, have fostered a culture of auto-genocide amongst blacks. Between encouraging black abortion and putting into place policies that ensure unending black crime (everything from placing the blame on others for black lawlessness, to denying guns to law-abiding citizens, to replacing fathers with welfare, to demonizing police) that keeps the black population violently reduced — at the hands of their fellow blacks.

Now that you have the proper frame of mind, watch this deeply depressing, data-rich video about an incredibly successful Leftist push to get blacks killed: