From the college course catalog….

Hillsdale CollegeAfter assaulting you for three days with the “American Studies” offerings from obscenely expensive liberal arts colleges, I thought I’d give you a palate cleanser. Here is the choice of required classes that a Hillsdale student must take in order to major in American History. (Yes, Hillsdale actually offers “American History.”)

American History
[A history major must take] At least six credit hours total, three credit hours from each section

Early American History

History 300: Colonial America to 1763
History 301: The Founding of the American Republic
History 302: Jacksonian America
History 483: Constitutional History of the United States to 1865

Modern American

History 303: Sectionalism and the American Civil War
History 307: Reconstruction to World War II
History 308: U.S. and the World Since World War II
History 484: Constitutional History of the United States Since 1865

Bizarre, isn’t it? An American studies/history class that’s actually about America, instead of about all sorts of self-referential little PC victim groups.

Incidentally, Hillsdale’s annual tuition is $24,592. College is apparently a lot cheaper when the parents and the government are funding vast administrative machinery aimed at advancing all sorts of special interest groups. Just as a comparison, please note the administrative hierarchy just for Women’s and Gender Studies at UC Berkeley. The compensation information is here.

Charis Thompson
Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies
Gross pay in 2015 was $184,504.00.

Paola Bacchetta
Vice Chair for Pedagogy
Associate Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies
Gross pay unknown, but I’m guess it’s between $100,000 and $180,000.
I also discovered Paola wrote an article entitled “Right-Wing Women: From Conservatives to Extremists around the World.” I’m sure that, in her mind, it’s a very short continuum from those right-wing women to world-wide extremists.

Mel Y. Chen
Vice Chair for Research
Associate Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies
Gross pay in 2015 was $100,583.00.

Perla Pinedo
Academic Personnel Analyst
Gross pay in 2015 was $61,975.00

Althea Grannum-Cummings
Student Affairs Officer
Gross pay in 2015 was $52,759.00

Gillian Edgelow
Research Program Administrator
Gross pay in 2015 was $41,397.00

Relying on just the known salaries, the administration for Cal’s Women’s and Gender Studies department costs $441,218 per academic year. Add in Paola’s salary (which we’ll average to $140,000), and taxpayers and parents are on the hook for $581,218 annually without even getting to the actual teacher’s salaries.