The Bookworm Beat 9/7/16 — the illustrated edition with 55 (count ’em! 55!) funny, thoughtful images

A pollster called me today and asked, “What race are you?” I answered, “Human.” He said it was the best answer he’d ever heard. I pass it on to all of you to use as you will. And now those 55 posters and cartoons, with many thanks to Caped Crusader:

Hillary media love affair

Hillary Ha-bitch-ual liar

Hillary Congress impeached Clintons for lying

Hillary Assange on contents of Hillary's hacked emails

Clinton What difference does it make

Hillary lies

Hillary laws are for poor people

Hillary no charges national distress

Hillary too big to jail

Media all over Trump ignoring Hillary

Media Fox news reporters give money to Clintons

Media dishonest reporting Hilllary

Hillary hacking nuclear codes

Hillary not trustworthy

Obama Cruz was right about the damage

Obama Islam Muslim refugees

Obama no strategy imagine Eisenhower no strategy Nazis

Obama treated better skin color

Obama secrets transcripts

Obama Iran 400 million where did it come from

Trump make Himmbelfarb great again

Government Ayn Rand law protects corrupt from people

Government rules made up votes don't matter

Government corruption

Government Ayn Rand difference betw Welfare and Totalitarianism

Gun Progressives try to make terrorism about guns

Guns see how government treats us when there are no guns

Gun MLK gun owner on government list

Guns disarm before terrorists

Guns Orlando shooter Democrat

Guns Prius more dangerous

Gun America does not have a gun problem

Gun self defense human right Canada

Race socialists are racist Che Guevara

Race Kaepernick gets a benefit from identifying as black

Race slavery hardly unique to blacks Thomas Sowell

Race Left judges by color of skin

Race abortion eugenics Benjamin Watson

Race Ruth Bader Ginsburg approves eugenics abortion

Gender trying to tell feminist a joke

Gender removing penis doesn't make you a woman

Islam uses free speech to create country without free speech

Islam always metastesizes

Stupid Leftists crops without progress

Stupid Leftists ran Detroit into the ground

Stupid Leftists batteries more destructive than oil

Stupid Leftists rights for Gitmo not for Americans

Stupid Leftists wrong with country

Stupid Leftists progressives cry facts

Stupid Leftists progressives v conservatives fishing

socialism destroys gratitude Dennis Prager

Socialism people who don't contribute