Donald Trump, vulgarian, versus Hillary Clinton, corrupt incompetent *UPDATED*

Trump and Hillary uglyDo you remember back in the day, when we’d sneer “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Here we are, a couple of generations later, and a few highly vulgar, chauvinistic words from Donald Trump, a known vulgarian, are jettisoning an entire political campaign, leaving one candidate standing: a hard Leftist who has corrupted or failed at everything she’s touched. How did this happen?

If anybody needs to be reminded what I’m talking about, here’s a little rundown of things Hillary has said and done:

While in Little Rock, allegedly turned $1,000 into $100,000 trading in cattle futures . . . in just ten months, having never traded before.

While in Little Rock, was a lawyer for and investor in the corrupt Whitewater real estate dealings — and then destroyed and/or hid legal records to hide that work.

While in the White House, in an effort to pass taxpayer money to friends, fired the entire non-partisan White House travel office, accused them of financial misdealings, and effectively destroyed the life of the head of the travel office.

While in the White House, failed utterly in her assigned task of revamping the American health system.

When leaving the White House, attempted to steal White House property, which she was then forced to return to the American people.

While in the Senate and while in the State Department, authorized her Foundation to accept huge financial donations from nations that have enshrined in law deadly discrimination against women, Jews, Christians, Hindus (and all other religions), and homosexuals.

While in the State Department, “entirely coincidentally,” granted huge favors (including America’s uranium rights) to people or nations that had made significant donations to the Clinton Foundation or had paid obscenely unrealistic speaking fees to Bill Clinton.

While in the State Department, in direct violation of the law, set up an unprotected, unsecured private server through which she ran all State Department business, without regard to national security concerns or the safety of assets in the field.

When her State Department emails were requested, committed felonious spoliation of records by instructing her server manager to destroy them so that they could never be recovered.

While in the State Department, embarked on a “reset” with Russia that resulted in a breakdown of American relations with Russia and gave Putin the go-ahead to invade Ukraine and take over in Syria.

While in the State Department, was the “brains” behind the takedown of Qaddafi, even though he had been neutral since 2007 and even though America’s engagement with Libya violated various laws — a policy that enabled Libya to become an ISIS stronghold.

While in the State Department, ignored regular requests for heightened security at the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi and, indeed, switched to less reliable local security.

While in the State Department, ignored frantic requests for aid when an al Qaeda affiliate conducted an attack against the diplomatic and CIA compounds in Benghazi, resulting in the horrific murder of four Americans, including an American ambassador.

While in the State Department, lied to family members of the dead Americans and then to the American public about the nature of the al Qaeda attack, claiming it was just mob rage about a video.

While in the State Department, tried to lend an air of verisimilitude to an otherwise unconvincing narrative by arranging to have the maker of that irrelevant video arrested and imprisoned, which has effectively destroyed his life.

While in the State Department, failed to take advantage of the Green Revolution that could have weakened the Mullahs’ hold in Iran (and, we now know, she did so as part of Obama’s long-term plan to elevate Iran to a regional hegemonic nuclear power).

While in the State Department, failed to take the opportunity to negotiate a decent status of forces agreement with Iraq, leaving a vacuum that ISIS and Iran have filled.

While in the State Department, presided over the escalation of war in Afghanistan, resulting in a dirty little secrets (because the newspapers won’t report it) which is the fact that more troops have died in Afghanistan under Obama than did under Bush.

Laughed gleefully about getting a child rapist to walk. (And please understand that, as a lawyer, I know that once assigned to the case she had an obligation to give the rapist the best representation possible. That’s not the quibble. It’s her joy later that’s unseemly.)

Maligned Jennifer Flowers as a liar when the latter claimed an affair with Bill Clinton, knowing that Bill was the liar when he denied the affair.

Maligned Monica Lewinsky as a liar when it came out that Lewinsky had an affair with Bill Clinton and that Bill was the liar when he denied the affair. As an aside, feminists forgave Bill his Lewinsky sins, because abortion: “I’d be happy to give him a blow job just to thank him for keeping abortion legal,” said Nina Burleigh, a former Time correspondent and White House reporter.

Maligned Paula Jones as trailer trash when the latter claimed that Bill Clinton sexually molested her, knowing that Bill was the liar when he denied doing so.

Maligned Kathleen Willey as a liar when the latter claimed that Bill Clinton sexually molested her, knowing that Bill was the liar when he denied doing so.

Threatened Juanita Broaddrick, and completely supported Bill Clinton, when Broaddrick credibly claimed that Bill Clinton raped her.

Is married to a man who, when speaking of women and Hillary, said that “Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had.” (Just a reminder of Hillary’s proximity to locker room talk.)

During her presidential campaign, told “all survivors of sexual assault” not to “let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we’re with you.”

Called Paul Fray a “fucking Jew bastard.”

Told a Secret Service agent to “fuck off” in response to his saying “good morning.”

May have a close relationship with Death. Bill and Hillary know a lot of people, of course, but even for people with a big Rolodex, an extraordinary number of their former associates have had unnatural deaths.

Please feel free to add the actions, words, and failures that I’m certain I’ve forgotten.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, a known vulgarian and a known lover of women, engaged in vulgar locker room talk about women. It’s the type of talk we know men use — heck, Leftist Hollywood movies love to show men talking to each other in precisely those terms (along with showing endless numbers of nude women).

Suddenly, though, the entire political establishment, including Republicans, is going all Claud Raines (“I’m shocked! Shocked!”). And of course, the usual anti-Trumpers are running around saying, “I told you so.”

Well, gee, thanks a lot. You weren’t able to sell your candidates to Americans when it mattered, and now you’re taking your marbles and refusing to play.

The fact is, many of us (myself included) didn’t support Donald Trump in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc., go round. However, the majority of Republican voters, plus quite a few Democrats, said “We’re sick of the establishment. We’re sick of the GOP leaders who have embraced Leftist values, including the ones who support the Leftist notion that ‘bad’ speech (as defined by the Left) is worse than truly bad actions. We’re sick of Republicans who go to Congress and don’t even bother to fight for America because they’ve already surrendered to the fear of being called “racist.” And lastly, we’re sick of the lying media and the members of the GOP who just let them lie.”

Those angry Americans nominated Trump, so you know what I did even though he was my last choice? I made the best of it. Because even the worst of Trump’s vulgar boasts and childish self-regard are still better than Hillary’s endless list of awfuls. And while we’re talking about awfuls, this is the same political establishment, Democrat and Republican, for years lionized a stone-cold murderer — that would be Edward Kennedy, who intentionally left a woman to die in his car so that he could protect his career.

Stick and stones will break America’s bones when those sticks and stones take the form of an unending stream of corruption, bad decisions, incompetence, and foul ideology that seeks to pack the Supreme Court with Leftists and do away with First and Second Amendment rights. Words, on the other hand, will not hurt if those words are merely gross statements from an old-fashioned vulgarian who likes to boast about women. And think about this: If he’d been French, the Europhiles on the Left would probably have given Trump a pass. Just sayin.’

And last but not least, I’m disgusted by and sick of the Bush family. Since a Bush scion was involved, I have no doubt that it was the Bush crew that has been sitting on the tape waiting for the perfect time to spring it. Fine, Jeb. Your little feelings were hurt because Trump insulted you and you lost. If you can’t get over that, feel free to take your feelings out on Trump, not on America — which is what you did by virtually ensuring a Hillary presidency.  A pox on you, you mewly-mouthed, vindictive little anti-American weasel!

The Leftists I know have been crowing joyously for 24 hours now about Trump’s locker room talk — and believe me, I’ve heard worse from many of them Leftist.  My Facebook feed is awash in Leftist crowing.

But you know what happens when I ask one of them, as I have for the last three months, to name one thing Hillary has achieved other than leveraging herself into jobs using her husband’s name and fame? He has no answer.  He explains that, because she’s always been a team player, you can’t point to any one thing she’s accomplished. He notes that he hasn’t studied her career closely, nevermind that she’s been trying to sell herself and her career to Americans for more than a year now.

Lastly he says this is an unfair question because nobody can really answer it. And you know what? He’s right. No one can answer it because Hillary hasn’t accomplished jackshit. I’ll take a gross patriot over a corrupt, incompetent Leftist any and every day.

UPDATE: A friend reminded me that all that Trump has done is to embrace Leftist sexual values — and he’s never run on a morality platform. For the Left to go all Puritan is laughable.

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