The Bookworm Beat 10/23/16 — the #NeveryHillary edition and open thread

Hillary rubbing hands togetherThe despicable media and Trump’s message.  In an effort to keep people who identify themselves as #NeverTrump from turning their focus to Hillary, an action that instantly turns most people into #NeverHillary voters, the despicable media is currently ignoring entirely the substance of Trump’s important speech yesterday. As Roger Simon says, if Americans actually knew the promises Trump made and the policies he intends to pursue, they would vote for him by a huge majority:

That speech put forth some of the more intelligent and creative ideas to be before the American public in years.  These proposals, contained in what Trump calls his “Contract with the American Voter,” deserve to be heard and seriously debated in these last weeks before the election.

Undoubtedly the Newswoisie will do their best to squelch them, panicked that some innocent citizen might deign to compare Trump’s “Contract” to the unremitting banality and moral vacuousness (“please see my website”) of the Hillary Clinton campaign. But it is our duty — all of us — to expose this “Contract” to as many people as possible and give the American public a chance to consider it, even if their so-called “thought leaders” do their best to obscure it.

For those who believed the media when it said “Nothing to see here” lie and therefore missed what Trump said, here’s a Trump-Pence poster summarizing the gist of his speech:


As Simon predicted, the drive-by media has squelched Trump’s message, burying it under a tangential and irrelevant point:

Today Trump went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and delivered a major, substantive speech, outlining what he proposes to do in the first 100 days of his administration. This is the kind of thing that must be kept secret–marked with a “c” perhaps–lest voters be reminded that they actually agree with the reviled Republican nominee. Let’s not take any chances!

How did the liberal press suppress information about Trump’s proposals? They buried the lede. This is how the Associated Press reported on Trump’s effort to shift the focus to the issues:


Read more about the perfidious media here.

The media’s tactic is working with the usual suspects (i.e., the Progressive friend who make up my real-me world). Looking to me like idiots, but thinking themselves very clever, they’ve peppered their Facebook pages with posts about Trump’s women problem, but don’t have a single post addressing (even to attack) his substantive points. I actually asked a group of Lefties on Facebook gloating about Trump’s stupidity if they weren’t troubled by the fact that the media buried the substance in favor of something like that — and was greeted with silence (a silence, I’m sure, that was smug not shame-faced.)

As part of its perfidy, the media is giving time to every two-bit liar who comes along claiming that Trump did something sexually wrong to her. (It’s like the “sexism” version of the “racism” stories in 2008 and 2012 that were used to destroy Obama’s opponents.) Real investigation, of the type the media refuses to do, has revealed that, as is true for the others, the most recent accuser is a hard-core Democrat activist. One of the new media outlets revealing this fact added a useful point:

Just like every other supposed Trump “fake rape” accuser, Karena Virginia is not a Republican, Independent, or even everyday Democrat, but someone tied to the Democratic Party, Clinton Foundation, Democrat donors, or, in this case, Big Pro-Hillary Media.

What are the chances of that?

Oh, and she “came out” about her “assault” at a press conference organized by left-wing feminist lawyer, Democrat fundraiser, and “hired killer” for Republican campaigns Gloria Allred, who attempted this same campaign-killing stunt with a fake accuser just last week.

What a coincidence!

Oh, and one more thing: The polls are almost certainly gamed to discourage Trump voters. If you doubt me, just watch this video that CNN instantly regretted and buried.

This fight is nowhere near over. Vote like your life depends upon it — because it probably does.

The media drives one #NeverTrumper into #NeverHillary camp.  For honest people, a corrupt media still has some uses. Yet another #NeverTrumper has looked at Hillary and suddenly realized that Trump’s not so bad . . . in no small part because he has the right enemies:

No, what’s changed is me. Not through introspection and reflection, but through watching the sickening display of activism perpetrated by a covert army with press credentials.

Bias has always been a factor in journalism. It’s nearly impossible to remove. Humans have their thoughts, and keeping them out of your work is difficult. But 2016 saw the remaining veneer of credibility, thin as it was, stripped away and set on fire.

More than anything, I can’t sit idly by and allow these perpetrators of fraud to celebrate and leak tears of joy like they did when they helped elect Barack Obama in 2008. I have to know I weighed in not only in writing but in the voting booth.

The media needs to be destroyed. And although voting for Trump won’t do it, it’s something. Essentially, I am voting for Trump because of the people who don’t want me to, and I believe I must register my disgust with Hillary Clinton.

Trump capturing the Jill Stein vote. An uber-Progressive friend of mine was able to make an important connection:  If you supported Bernie because he correctly indicted government corruption (although his solution was more government, which is like diagnosing someone with arsenic poisoning and giving them more arsenic), then you are betraying your principles by allowing Hillary and her corrupt crew anywhere near the White House. This essay is from a Jill Stein supporter who figured out that same truth:

Last night’s debate changed everything.

I’ve never been a fan of HC, but her increasing arrogance and disgusting smug attitude reached peak levels last night. She refused to answer the most critical questions. She laughed and smiled as she bragged about Bernie campaigning for her (which isn’t entirely the truth; he’s been campaigning for Our Revolution and supporting progressive candidates across the country). But the thing that troubled me the most was the complete disregard of national security: to so flippantly remark about nuclear fucking war, to state the precise amount of time from orders to execution, and to do all of it just to try to make herself appear to be far more informed, qualified, and intelligent than her opponent was beyond the pale.

I’m terrified of her now and nothing, absolutely nothing will make me see her as anything other than a tyrant on her way to the throne. Even if a single email had never been released, or a single Congressional hearing, or a single FBI criminal investigation had happened, her flippant attitude about firing nuclear weapons scared the shit out of me.

I had been going to vote for Jill. Not because I believed she could win (although that would be awesome), but because I wanted to do my part to get federal funding for a new party, and vote my conscience. Now, though, I literally believe the fate of the world rests on all of us being unified and electing Donald Trump.

You can read the rest here.

The internecine war amongst conservatives.  Publius Decius Mus shot to prominence when he wrote a post likening this election to being Flight 93 on 9/11. Then, sitting in your seat meant certain death, while charging the cockpit meant the possibility of survival. Flight 93 passengers took the active chance and lost, but that doesn’t mean we’ll lose if we act.

In the real world, Hillary is the seat option this year, while Trump is the charge the cockpit option. #NeverTrumpers are the ones dooming us to a static death, while those who opted for a #NeverHillary viewpoint leave some hope.

Not surprisingly, given the post’s fame, #NeverTrumpers have been going after it. Yesterday, Publius Decius Mus wrote up a rebuttal to Jonah Goldberg’s challenges to the #NeverHillary worldview.

Before I go any further, I have to say that I have always been a huge Jonah Goldberg fan. I like his wit, I like his analytical abilities, and I like his core values. Even the smartest person can be wrong, though, and I think he’s very wrong about this election. Our ship of state is sinking quickly, yet he’s insisting that everything will be all right provided that we scrub the deck and make sure the captain’s uniform is pressed and clean. Goldberg also refuses to accept that the Republican leadership has so completely failed America and the American people that the leadership will always have to go. There’s no saving it. Mus makes these points and many more. Here are a few excerpts:

If I may address professional conservatives directly: It seems to me undeniable that you have already failed. Don’t take it personally. I can rephrase that as “we” if you like, even though I was never much of an operative within Conservatism, Inc. But I was a fellow traveler and supporter, so if you want to lay part of the blame on me, fine.

We failed. We didn’t do what we set out to do. We lost the political and culture wars decisively. Our economic victory turned out to be fruitless: all the gains have accrued to those we nominally “defeated,” as evidenced by the fact that the Democrats are now the party of the super-rich. Our victory in the Cold War also turned to ashes, as we lost our heads pursuing unrealizable foreign ambitions while fighting in ways that preclude the possibility of victory.


We “won” the Cold War, but that export nonetheless spread like a virus—so much so that anti-Americanism is now and has been for at least 20 years the civil religion not just of all Third World populations, not just of Western allies, but of American elites and their foot soldiers.

We failed to preserve a true understanding the principles of the Declaration of Independence. We failed to preserve the proper working order of the Constitution. We failed to protect and nurture that virtue in the people necessary to sustain the Constitution. We failed to defend the family from relentless assault. We failed to maintain any semblance of a shared public morality. We allowed—through a combination of active cheering and ineffective opposition—demographic and cultural replacement. We lent a great deal of our talent to serve rapacious interests in the name of “economic freedom.” All the things we were supposed to conserve—the nation, its people, its way of life, its governing structure—we have not conserved.


It’s true that I think the donor class, the top pols, and the think-tank elite are motivated at least in part by money and status. I don’t think, and didn’t say, that rank-and-file Hill staffers, research assistants, talking-point-drafters, op-ed writers, and bloggers are so motivated.

The truth is much sadder. Because of their lack of education (despite, in many cases, elite diplomas), they believe checklist conservatism to be the last word on political wisdom. They know nothing of prudence, higher ends, the good, or the necessity of tacking and trimming. They just see deviations as heresy. They are encouraged to do so by an elite which manipulates them for its own ends. What can be more useful to an oligarchy than to send the talented but uneducated and un- or underpaid youth against the barricades on its behalf? Take on six-figure student debt, get an internship somewhere on Massachusetts Ave., and get out there to defend the carried interest loophole. While the billionaires who benefit from that loophole pay you either nothing or minimum wage. But your stance is principled! Low taxes! You’re a warrior for truth!


Goldberg especially objects to my saying that I am now the enemy of established conservatism. He declines to mention what prompted me to say that. Pethokoukis called me a racist not once, not twice, butthree times in one article. As I argued then—and as Goldberg surely understands—this is, and is meant to be, the cruelest, most damning, most devastating thing one can say about anyone else in the current year. It is weaponized Leftism, now used all too casually, and eagerly, by the right against the right. If that’s what Pethokoukis thinks—if it’s what Goldberg thinks; and he implicitly defends Pethokoukis on this point—then what could I be but their enemy? Could they be friends or colleagues with Goebbels? Should I be expected to be intellectual or political compatriots with people who compare me to Nazis?

It’s been clear to me for some time that a plurality (at least) of conservatives would much rather call nominal allies “racist” for saying America needs to get serious about the border than actually see anyone get serious about the border.


The Right will either reconcile on terms favorable to Trump’s issues or it will split. There will be no going back to the status quo ante.

The Democrat Party left Trump. . . . Many have pointed out that the media and the Democrat party (but I repeat myself) didn’t discover that Donald was a racist until he stopped being a Democrat and became a Republican. Trump’s switch in party allegiance has led some on both sides of the aisle to character him as a flip-flopper. This lengthy video proves the contrary: He’s been remarkably consistent, clinging to a late 20th century, pre-Obama version of America’s greatness. In other words, like Reagan, Trump, didn’t leave the Democrat party; the Democrat party left him:

And do I need to mention that Hillary is so two-faced that she’s boasted about it in speeches?

Trump was right — Hillary is a nasty woman.  Don’t take my word for it. Take the word of those working to keep her safe, many of whom have nothing good to say about her:

In fact, Clinton’s well-documented history of profane, unhinged outbursts against those who work for her spans decades.

While Clinton’s vulgarity is presented here in relatively family-friendly form, fill in the blanks and imagine the pain that this woman inflicted when she uttered these words.

“I’m not voting for Clinton,” Air Force staff sergeant Eric Bonner posted on Facebook in July.

“It’s because she actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence,” wrote the Air Force K-9 handler. “I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors.”

“One of my last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State,” Bonner continued. “I helped with sweeps of her DV quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me?”

According to Bonner, Clinton told him, “Get that f***ing dog away from me.”

“Then she turns to her security detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters,” Bonner added. “For the next 20 minutes, while I sit there waiting to be released, she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she’s done. The Detail lead walks over, apologizes, and releases me. I apologize to him for getting him in trouble. His words, ‘Happens every day, Brother.’”

“Hillary doesn’t care about anyone but Hillary.”

“Stay the f*** back, stay the f*** away from me!” the then-–First Lady screamed at her Secret Service agents. “Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f***ing do as I say, okay!!?” Clinton demanded, according to former FBI agent Gary Aldrich’s Unlimited Access, page 139.

And there’s more, so much more.

Nasty is as nasty does, and Hillary is one nasty human being.

Attention, Jews! Hillary is neither your or Israel’s friend. Naomi Ragen tried eight years ago to warn Israelis and their Jewish supporters in America that Obama was no friend to the Jews. They didn’t listen, and we’ve had eight years of Obama bashing and undermining Israel (including handing nuclear weapons to Iran), the toxic spread of antisemitism on American campuses and among American leftists (but I repeat myself), and a burgeoning Muslim population in America. Ragen is once again trying to get Jews to listen up, by reciting chapter and verse about Hillary’s long-standing love for Islam and hostility to Jews. I urge everyone to read her post, especially Jews. Here’s just a sample:

Clinton’s advisors, like Obama’s, have always been uniformly and virulently anti-Israel. They have her ear.

Sidney Blumenthal, Observer’s Ken Sliverstein, wrote recently, is the “ most dishonest, amoral political hatchet men of modern political times.” He is also one of Hillary’s closest friends and a highly paid advisor to her about Israel.

In 2010 he wrote her to “hold Bibi’s feet to the fire….” He told Clinton to “remind AIPAC…that it does not have a monopoly over American Jewish opinion.” Soros-funded anti-Israel J Street should be praised, he offers. In May Blumenthal wrote her, hinting that the raid on the Gaza flotilla was deliberately organized to kill the peace process and embarrass Obama. Hillary forwarded this message with the words: “FYI and I told you so,” to her deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan at the State Department.

Blumenthal’s son Max is an even more psychopathic self-hating Jew. In 2013, Max appeared in ninth place on that year’s Simon Wiesenthal Center list of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel slurs, for equating Israel with the Nazi regime and “approving characterizations of Israeli soldiers as ‘Judeo-Nazis.’” This is what Hillary had to say in e-mails about Max and his work:

  • 8.17/2010  Pls congratulate Max for another impressive piece. He’s so good.”
  • 4/7/2011  Will Max’s piece be posted anywhere else? It is powerful and touching.”
  • 9/13/2012  “Your Max is a mitzvah.”

This is what the “mitzvah wrote when Elie Weisel died:” Elie Wiesel went from a victim of war crimes to a defender of those who commit them. He did more harm than good and should not be honored.”

Hillary — no friend to Israel, not friend to Jews.

Confirmation, as if we need it, that Deepak Chopra is a moron. Okay, I admit to being biased but I feel as strongly today as I ever have that Deepak Chopra is a moron and that those who subscribe to his “wisdom” are deliberately dumbing themselves down. That’s why I had to laugh, rather than get angry, when Chopra attempted to launch a spiritual attack on Trump’s intrinsic evilness and the really scary fact that, as best as I can tell skimming through the spiritual-esque gobbledy gook, the evil that is Trump is really us or something…. If you want a laugh, check it out. Otherwise, trust me that he’s ridiculous and deny him the traffic of linking over.