Is Candace Owens for real or are conservatives getting conned?

Even as I introduced you to Candace Owens, long-time anti-SJWers started accusing her of lying about herself. Is Owens a convert or are we being conned?

Red Pill Black Candace OwensA week ago, a friend sent me an email introducing me to Red Pill Black, aka Candace Owens, who’s created thoughtful, well-produced, charming, and funny videos starring herself, a lovely young black woman getting fed up with the Progressive party line and the victim hierarchy and, instead, looking at the world unmediated through the warped Progressive lens. I watched her videos and was impressed, so yesterday I put up a post about Candace Owens.

My post included a long Rubin Reports video interview with Owens. In the interview, she explains that, when she was fundraising for an anti-bullying website, SJWs came out of the woodwork, threatened her with doxing, and led to her political epiphany. It’s a compelling story.

That very night, when I was looking for an old pop tune on YouTube, my YouTube feed suggested two brand new videos about the “real” Candace Owens. Both contend that Owens is running an elaborate con to get money for her website. The real kicker is the claim that (a) her “anti-bullying” website is in fact a doxing site and (b) she is running an elaborate con to get funding from credulous conservatives who are excited to have a young, personable black woman on their side of the ideological divide.

This morning, Servo1969, in a comment to my post, raised the same point — namely, that a few reputable young anti-Social Justice Warrior types are deeply suspicious of Owens. Servo1969 makes no accusations; he just offers data.

As is the case with Servo1969, I am not going to claim that I know the real story. Instead, I’ll just offer the data that’s available to anyone who is curious. Yesterday, I posted Owens’ videos which stand on their own merits as excellent challenges to Progressive racial orthodoxy. Today, here are some videos challenging her bona fides, made by people whose anti-SJW and Progressive bona fides extend back for a much longer time than Owens’ few months on the scene.

I don’t like being played for a fool, so I’ll feel quite resentful if this is an elaborate con. On the other hand, if it’s a con, it’s a damn good one. Owens’ videos are superb and, taken on their own merits, deserve the accolades they’re getting.


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