Bookworm Beat 9/9/2018 — the disgusting Democrats edition

The disgusting Democrats are waging a despicable battle. They are defaming a good man, and destroying decency and due process, all to preserve abortion. 

Kavanaugh Disgusting DemocratsDisgusting Democrats will blow our republic apart to kill babies. Without any credible evidence and without any credible corroboration, the disgusting Democrats are smearing as a rapist a man who has led an irreproachable life. In today’s climate, people will more readily forgive murder than they will rape, and yet that’s the label they are appending to him in an effort to block a Supreme Court nomination.

This is what happens when you have a “living Constitution.” If the Constitution as written is your guide, it doesn’t much matter what the justices’ personal feelings are. Once you use the Supreme Court as a non-elected Leftist legislature, though, suddenly Supreme Court nominations have the same weight and viciousness as a gladiatorial death match. And if you cannot actually kill someone who owes fealty to the Constitution, you kill his reputation.

Anyone who would use this tactic is disgusting. Dianne Feinstein is disgusting for sitting on these hazy, almost fact-free charges for two months instead of passing them on to investigators or arranging for Ford to testify in private session. The only explanation was that she knew this was a lie, a set-up, a delusional fantasy, or something other than the truth, and held it in reserve in case polling hinted that Democrats might retake the Senate. Disgusting.

Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii is disgusting because she will do anything to prevent Ford from having to back up her vague, contradictory, antique, unprovable allegations:

You know, for any of us to have dealt at all with the experience of sexual trauma knows that this is a very particularly damaging kind of experience. And you do not treat a person who has gone through this like, ‘Oh, well, hey, how about this?’ You know, I think it’s appalling.

Not only is Hirono disgusting, she’s stupid. She gave the game away when she said that the seat should be vacant for another two years:

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono (D.) said Democrats could keep the open seat on the Supreme Court vacant until after the 2020 election if Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination collapses and Democrats regain control of the Senate in November.

Hirono pointed to the long vacancy of Antonin Scalia’s former seat as a justification for holding off on confirming any nominee from President Donald Trump. When Barack Obama was president and Republicans held the Senate, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not hold a vote on Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, and Hirono said Democrats could do the same if they had the Senate.

“I think we’ve had those kinds of vacancies before, and we certainly had over a one-year vacancy with Merrick Garland,” Hirono told Politico Magazine. “So the world does not come to an end because we don’t fill all of the nominees.”

This is not the Biden Rule, which holds that a lame duck president doesn’t get to nominate a Supreme Court justice when he’s already got one foot out the door of the White House during an election year. This is an entirely new Disgusting Democrat Rule: Only Democrat presidents may nominate candidates for the Supreme Court, provided that they have a majority Democrat Congress. Under this rule, the Constitutional structure of our American democracy is dead.

Completing her democracy-destroying role, Hirono also jettisoned the idea that all people are created equal and are entitled to equal protection under the law. Instead, she tells men they’re second class citizens:

I expect the men in this country and the men in this committee because we all signed on to this letter to demand an FBI investigation. But really guess who is perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country. And I just want to say to the men in this country: just shut up and step up, do the right thing for a change.

Feinstein’s shenanigans still earn her first place as a disgusting Democrat, but Hirono is running a very close second. Both of course, are also horrible human beings, bereft of decency.

These two women are scarcely alone. The entire Democrat body, whether in Congress or in the Democrat-owned media, is throwing itself into this intentional mockery and destruction of our democratic process. I already wrote yesterday about the ridiculous things they’re saying about due process, about integrity, and about equality under the law.

There is little difference between the way Democrats are treating Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court from the way Democrats treated blacks and the Supreme Court in the 1850s — and we know how that disgusting Democrat travesty ended.

On the infinitesimally small chance that Ford isn’t delusional or an out-and-out hard Left liar, her allegations should still be dismissed. As Chad Felix Greene movingly writes, rape can only be proven within a short time of its happening. After that, if you, the victim, choose to remain quiet, you the victim, have to live with the consequences of that decision. (I highly recommend his article.)

What makes this all truly horrible is that, when you think about it, this whole disgraceful kabuki theater is happening for one reason and one reason alone: To ensure that abortion continues to be legal in America up until the end of the third trimester. That’s what this is all about — dead babies. Think of that.

Okay. I’ve finished on that subject. Now to a few other interesting things, and then I’m retiring for the evening to watch something light and silly.

James O’Keefe continues to expose the Deep State. Remember as you watch these arrogant, smug young people that they are mere unelected flunkies who have arrogated to themselves the power to destroy our constitutional republic. They should be fired, their pensions pulled, and maybe they should showered with a solid sprinkling of tar and feathers on their way out the door:

Thankfully, the DOJ is looking into its employee’s confessions about using department resources for political ends.

Hillary’s hypocrisy continues to amaze. Hillary professes herself appalled by the fact that Trump can exercise constitutional power to fire people in administrative agencies for cause:

… the president is close to being uncontrollable. There are people still in there [administrative agencies] who by their own admission are trying to hold on to prevent even worse things from happening, and at some point, the American public has to say, number one, I may disagree with Democrats, I may disagree with the direction of this administration, but one thing I believe in is we have to have checks and balances. That`s why we have to vote for Democrats in November.

Hillary’s dementia seems to have worsened so much that she’s forgotten a little thing called Travelgate, when she fired people in the non-partisan White House travel office without cause to benefit her friends.

Imagine if Gov. Brown had said this about Obama. On September 17, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown stated “Trump — well, somethings got to happen to this guy, because if we don’t get rid of him, he’s going to undermine American and even the world.”

If that isn’t an incitement to violence and assassination, I don’t know what is. I hope the Secret Service conducts such a detailed examination of Governor Brown that every one of his orifices gets completely reamed . . . I mean checked out.

On the Norks, trust but verify — but it’s still exciting. President Trump, having frightened and cajoled Kim Jong-un, is now sitting back and letting the two Korean leaders end the longest running war in modern history. Even the HuffPo has had to acknowledge this:

Or as Trump proudly says:

Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize just for being elected, and then proceeded to drop bombs everywhere, and preside over unimaginable violence across the Middle East, all of which flowed directly from his benighted policies. And yes, Bush started the war in Iraq, but he’d also finished it when Obama abruptly withdrew the troops, creating a cataclysmic vacuum that Iran and ISIS hastily filled. Drone killings in Pakistan, Libya turned into a rogue state, the bloody red line in Syria…. All Obama failures.

But now Trump may have ended the Korean War. I’m also willing to bet that, because his ego is partly for show, he won’t demand a Nobel Peace Prize but will somewhat gracefully smile upon the two Korean leaders sharing one if offered.

There’s something about seeing men run to do battle…. I don’t know if it’s my lizard brain or what, but I find very powerful the imagery of men running to do battle. In this case, the men running our Marines who are stationed near an old age home that went up in flames in Washington. Fortunately, thanks to the Marines’ help, all the residents survived:

Don’t worry — Bert and Ernie are just good friends. If you’re a fan of Singin’ in the Rain, you know that, whenever Gene Kelly’s character, Don Lockwood, is asked about his relationship with Jean Hagen’s character, Lina Lamont, he assures the gossip columnists that they’re “just good friends.”

The same applies to Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street, even if one gay writer for the show did have a rich fantasy about their relationship: They’re just good friends.

Okay. I’m done now.