The Kavanaugh confirmation wrap-up

Republicans showed gumption and got Kavanaugh confirmed — and the Democrats and their Leftist allies went absolutely crazy, in ways both amusing and scary.

Brett Kavanaugh Avenatti SwetnickSorry for the blog silence, although one of the things that took my away from blogging is nice: I’ve been getting calls and emails from people who live in solid blue enclaves, but are desperate to celebrate this moment. They want to talk about Kavanaugh’s exemplary record and intellectual credentials, about Trump’s record on judicial picks, about the Leftist witch hunt, about Kavanaugh’s and Susan Collins’ talks, about Lindsey Graham’s cojones, and about the escalating and frenzied insanity from the Left.

Because I’m short on time, I’ve got a few tweets to share with you, each of which tell a little piece of the story:

But there is hope: