Open Thread Day 2

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Yikes! I got my internet back in the middle of the day today but a big legal project came with it. It’s late now and I’m too tired to blog.

I’ll say only that it’s interesting to see the media focusing obsessively on Bad Touch Biden’s handling (literally) of women. What I find appalling is the way he freely gropes little girls in public. The media’s silence on that aspect of Joe’s touchy-feely behavior is telling.

When I was growing up, we had a family friend whom Mom would never leave alone with either me or my sister. She’d seen his hands in action and didn’t trust him — and he never touched us in the way Joe, caught repeatedly on camera, fondles little girls. The fact that Joe is a famous person shouldn’t give him a pass for behavior people have always understood was reprehensible.

Unless I’m slammed with another legal project tomorrow (and, frankly, I could use the work), I’ll be back blogging tomorrow.