Further notes from the road

The journey continues. Driving through different places allows you to see different approaches to America, while long hours in the car stimulate interesting thoughts.

Wisconsin is a very pretty state to see from the car. It’s excessively pastoral in places, with red barns, green fields, and black and white cows. But the dark side of Wisconsin, at least on I-90/I-94, is that the freeway is, for deer, the equivalent of the Golden Gate Bridge for suicidal people. I swear that we saw a dead deer on the side of the road every ten miles. It’s clear that depressed deer from all Wisconsin come to that freeway to end it all. Very sad.

Because of the dead deer, the conversation in the car turned to Bambi. It then shifted to vegetarianism, PETA, animism, and animal worship in general among Lefties. From that, of course, we talked about anthropomorphism, at which point my travel companion said, “If only Leftists would anthropomorphize human fetuses!” I thought that was a good line.

Causation is not correlation, but here’s a thought: Without exception, the guys I knew in high school who later came out as gay came from households in which there was no father or in which the father was a nonentity and the mother was a completely dominant figure. That continued into my professional life in San Francisco: The men I knew who were gay and who talked about their upbringings came from fatherless homes or homes in which the father was a milquetoast.

Today, it seems as if increasing numbers of men are either gay, bi, transgender, sexually fluid, etc. Again, correlation and causation are not the same thing, but this is happening at the same time that we see a rise in single mother households…. That, and the number of women who mess with their hormones via the birth control pill really makes me wonder.

I’ve been visiting St. Paul, Minnesota. It is a very Leftist city. People virtue signal here, not with bumper stickers, which is the California way, but with yard signs. These two were among the most common for I saw them on several houses:

Another common one was this Black Lives Matter sign:

What really made me laugh about the Black Lives Matter sign I photographed is that, directly across the street, there was a house with this blue flag, which I believe is a Blue Lives Matter, pro-police flag:

Finally, I couldn’t get a picture of the St. Paul YWCA, aka the Young Women’s Christian Association, but I can tell you that, at least in St. Paul, the YWCA has a new motto, one that puts women in a subordinate position to other, more important, virtue signaling:

I know that there tons going on regarding Trump, impeachment, Mueller, Mexico tariffs, etc., but I find it very hard to blog substantively from the road. I hope that you all will use the comments to provide the interesting input and observations that I can’t do.