Trump still hasn’t had the chance to clean the Augean Stables (aka The Swamp)

For those bemoaning McCabe’s current pass, keep in mind that Trump has been deeply handicapped in dealing with the Swamp. That has to change in November.

With news about the DOJ’s decision not to prosecute Andrew McCabe, despite IG Horowitz’s finding that McCabe lied to Congress, a lot of people are dumping on Trump for failing to take steps to clear the Swamp during his last three years in office. The following, while not exact quotations are representative quotations:

“Trump should have prosecuted Hillary! That would have shown the Swamp.”

“Trump should have fired the whole DOJ! That would have shown the Swamp.”

“Trump should have fired Comey on the first day! That would have shown the Swamp.”

“Trump should never have been finagled into appointing Mueller. That gave the Swamp too much power.”

“Trump should have gotten rid of all of the Obama holdovers. That would have shown the Swamp.”

“Trump should long since have (a) withdrawn federal funds from sanctuary cities and states or (b) sued those same places. That would have shown the Swamp.”

What people forget is that Trump’s hands were tied over the past three years.

They weren’t just tied by the Russia Hoax and the Ukraine Hoax. They were also tied by the “resistance.”

Remember acting DOJ head Sally Yates refusing to act on Trump’s orders regarding immigration? Sally Yates was representative of thousands, or at least hundreds, of Swamp creatures and she was open about it.

As Anonymous, the author of that “we’re the resistance within the administration” piece in the New York Times wrote in a blatantly treasonous article, many people were acting in secret against Trump. As just one example, Eric Ciaramella got away with all sorts of crap for years by keeping a low profile and getting protection from fellow “resistance” creatures in the Swamp.

When Trump entered office, he probably had no idea just how bad the Swamp was. And even if he did know, it would not have been feasible for him to do a mass firing of hundreds or thousands of employees. The resulting lawsuits — all of which would have been filed before activist judges — would have destroyed his administration as surely as anything else.

Speaking of those activist judges, their existence made it impossible for Trump to get anything done. Every time he tried an initiative about national security, foreign policy, border security, or what have you, leftists ran to an activist judge who ruled against Trump and issued a nationwide injunction. It’s only now, after three years, that Trump is taming a judiciary that’s run amok. And what’s the first thing he did? He sued a sanctuary state. In other words, Trump finally has some weapons at his disposal.

Also, people forget that, while Trump ostensibly had a Republican Congress as his back in his first two years, that Congress was also filled with Swamp critters. These people, whether they were active NeverTrumpers or just people who wanted to go along and get along, refused to assist Trump in carrying out his political agenda. In some ways, they were even worse than the Democrats, because they ought to have been helping him carry out his agenda to Make America Great Again.

The Democrats at least had the excuse that they don’t want a Great America. They want an America humiliated for being a successful country and for committing the same sins that the entire world was committing decades and centuries ago.

So here’s the deal: The first three and 3/4 years of Trump’s administration, from Day one through the 2020 election, have to be understood as ground clearance. He’s been getting rid of weeds, toxic water, rocks, and tree stumps. He’s been able to plant a few fields here and there (finally getting the wall built, boxing in China, trade agreements, constraining an out-of-control federal judiciary, tax cuts, etc.), but the duplicitous, self-serving, often socialist, and frequently America- and American-hating Swamp is still out there and it’s still powerful.

To date, therefore, Trump has not been able to make the land productive. He hasn’t been able to sow seeds, grow seeds, and harvest crops.

If Trump is to make an abundant land in a fallow plain, it’s not enough that he gets reelected. He must — absolutely must — have a Republican majority. Nor can this be the kind of Republican majority he had the first two years of his administration, which refused to work with him. Voters need to send him Senators and Representatives who are on board with MAGA. Think of how many squeakers there have been because of people like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski.

Beginning in January 2021, if Trump can finally have both (1) Congress at his back and (2) a constitutionally-constrained judicial system (which he is achieving thanks to Cocaine Mitch), there is absolutely nothing he cannot accomplish. The Swamp will be cleaned out. Trump will at long last have the Herculean strength needed to clean out America’s Augean stables:

If you wish to see Trump unshackled, and the Swamp cleared, don’t sit out the elections. Otherwise, you may find yourself living in a nation that looks a lot like California….

You can see the entire image, which I’ve cropped, here.