Black Lives Matter is just another part of the left’s BIG LIE *UPDATED*

What we’re seeing with the Black Lives Matter movement is the BIG LIE — and it’s not the slander that cops are killers. This BIG LIE is even worse.

Right now, a whole lot of us are being bullied to parrot the slogan that “Black Lives Matter.” Before I get further into the weeds here, let me explicitly say that I’m not arguing that black lives don’t matter. I’m saying that the melanin content of people’s skin is irrelevant to me. At the largest level, all lives matter, because I value the human race. I think we do come into the world a blank slate, each of us worthy of respect.

As people move through life, regardless of what they look like, their sex, their chosen bed partners, their choice of job, etc., I continue to treat each person I meet as if he or she matters. I treat everyone nicely and assume (correctly, most of the time), that they’ll treat me nicely too.

However, that respect and niceness stop when people’s behavior moves beyond the pale. I don’t like liars, murderers, thieves, bullies — in other words, I don’t like hardcore leftists. They tell lies and, using those lies as a springboard, they bully and, eventually, kill people to steal their wealth and their liberty.

Believe it or not, despite the move to defund the police, the left’s worst lie isn’t that unarmed blacks are being slaughtered by rogue cops, although that is quite a big lie.  here’s the data:

There are between 39 and 42 million blacks in America, and they make up 13-14% of the American population. They also make up 13.3% of the police officers in America. Police departments are not discriminating in hiring.

After Ferguson, the WaPo started obsessively tracking all police shootings in America. According to that list, in 2019, police shot and killed 1,003 people, 249 of whom were black. Fourteen of those black decedents were unarmed. Those unarmed black victims are equal to around 0.000034% of America’s black population. That is not a black genocide at police hands.

However, even that number is misleading, because while the men killed were not carrying guns, they were all dangerous. Only three of the fourteen officers involved in those shootings were criminally charged.  Another one of the shootings was clearly an accident, while one death remains murky.  As for the other nine deaths, each involved a situation in which the decedent, although not armed with a gun, violently attacked officers.

The most common weapon used to attack officers was a car. One person tried to choke the officer.  The news reports don’t detail the other non-gun weapons the decedents used against the police, but we can assume fingernails, fists, knees, feet (shod or unshod), and anything nearby that could be used as weapons (rocks, boards, ballpoint pens, etc.). Before police shot one man, he was so violent he sent two police to the hospital and even a taser couldn’t stop him.

Doing the percentages again, in 2019, police officers who’s behavior was so heinous it justified criminal charges killed at most 0.000007% of American blacks. While each of those three deaths was a terrible individual tragedy, it’s scarcely an indictment of policing across America.

But as I said, those lies about police and black deaths, while a powerful weapon in Democrats’ hands are not the BIG LIE.

Here’s the BIG LIE that Democrats and their activist arms (Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, the mainstream media, etc.) tell: They claim that blacks aren’t as good as other races. That’s right, for all their crocodile tears about blacks, they actually see blacks as subhuman beings to be manipulated for power. And sure, some of the people doing the manipulating are blacks themselves. There are always people who are so unprincipled, they will sell anyone down the river….

A little history sets the stage:

When the British began colonizing the Caribbean and North America, slavery was still the norm around the world. Indeed, it was the norm throughout human history.

When you conquered another people,  you had three choices: Walk away from them, which would allow them to fight again; slaughter them all, which was a brutish and wasteful business; or enslave them, which enriched you with their labor. You were especially enriched if you didn’t care whether your slaves lived or died — and that was the way of the world before the Jewish Bible insisted that even slaves had some human rights.

By the early 17th century, 1,600 years of Biblical teaching (both Old and New Testament) was raising Europeans up from a world in which cruelty, including slavery, was interwoven in the fabric of people’s lives. Still, when the British started colonizing areas in which sugar, tobacco, cotton, and indigo could be grown, slavery was still acceptable enough that it was seen as the most economically feasible way to create wealth in the new world and transfer it to the old.

The British originally tried to use the Irish, whom they despised, as their slaves. That effort failed only because the Irish, stubbornly, kept dying from heat and malaria in the intemperate climates found in the Caribbean and the American south.

That’s why the British turned to African marketplaces, where they bought people whom warring tribes had kidnapped and Muslim traders sold. It was a “trade” because everyone was involved, including the Africans themselves. Indeed, the legal case in America that established slavery as an acceptable practice came about because Anthony Johnson, a free black man who had come to America as an indentured servant, went to court when another black man claimed to be an indentured servant (subject to release) rather than Johnson’s slave.

As the 17th century turned into the 18th century, something happened in America, a combination of the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening. A large segment of the population realized that we are all God’s children. Moreover, they could no longer ignore that the 8th Commandment (Thou shalt not steal) must apply to stealing liberty as well as to stealing property.

The slave owners weren’t stupid. They knew this to be true. As the world modernized and civilized, the only way they could justify their economic dependence on slavery was to dehumanize people of African descent. Once they were dehumanized, like a dog or a cow, the 8th Commandment no longer applied.

Dehumanizing. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the really BIG LIE.

In 2020, the era of government dehumanization that supported both slavery and Jim Crow is gone. Less than 15% of the population consists of people who were older than about five or ten in 1964, when the Civil Rights Act went into effect. In other words, only a small percentage of the American population felt the effect of systematic and systemic racism — or was responsible for it.

As those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s know, there was lingering cultural racism going on even after all governments were banned from institutionalizing racism. Perpetrators did it in a spirit of stupidity or ignorance. We know better now, whether we’re Paula Deen or Ralph Northam and Joy Behar, neither of whom is as “woke” as s/he pretends to be. That attitude, thankfully, is gone from all but the most ignorant or meanspirited.

Yet despite sixty years of legal and cultural change, blacks are still being dehumanized. They are still being treated as less than fully human. And those heinous behaviors are still coming from the Democrat party, a party that is now wholly given over to the far left.

It’s the left that claims that blacks, unlike all other human beings in history are incapable of rising above past prejudice. And no, it’s not because of their skin color. Asians are easily distinguishable from whites, and they used to be subject to ferocious discrimination. Less than eighty years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt (a Democrat) threw every Japanese person in America, whether native-born or not, into concentration camps. But the Asians are doing very well in America despite that, earning the nickname “model minority.” Other recognizably non-white populations (e.g., East Asians who come from the poverty and dysfunction of India or Hispanics who don’t buy into the victim myth) do well too.

But leftists tell blacks that it is impossible for them to rise above poverty, damaging cultural behaviors, or the psychic pain of stupid people saying stupid things. Unlike every other group in America for the past three hundred years, leftists assure blacks and each other that blacks cannot overcome being downtrodden. They cannot do well in school because they’re downtrodden. They cannot be responsible at their jobs because they’re downtrodden. They cannot resist the lure of violence and crime because they’re downtrodden. They cannot stay away from substance abuse because they’re downtrodden. They cannot stay married and raise their children in stable, two-parent homes because they’re downtrodden.

What leftists are really saying is that blacks are genetically defective because of their race. If you’re born black, the leftist world view holds that you’re infantile, a creature of uncontrollable impulses, and neither very bright nor capable of hard work. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s exactly what leftists said of blacks in 1960 and 1860 and 1760 to justify enslaving them or otherwise depriving blacks of their civil rights: Blacks aren’t fully human. They can’t handle rights or responsibility or education . . . or freedom. The only difference this time around is that leftists phrase their insults in gentle, loving terms, thereby tying blacks to their abusers.

No wonder that blacks abort their children in such extraordinary numbers. They’re being told by the people they trust most that they’re less than human. For those helpless, defective people, Planned Parenthood (just as Margaret Sanger intended 100 years ago) is there to help. In public, it insists that Black Lives Matter. Behind clinic doors, it’s the biggest killer of blacks in American history.

So there’s the BIGGEST LEFTIST LIE OF ALL: Blacks are not fully realized human beings. They never have been and they never will be. That’s why I hate leftists, regardless of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or whatever label they plaster on themselves and on others. They always dehumanize people, whether to use them, as they do with blacks to get votes or with slaves to get labor, or to slaughter them, as they did the Jews and the gypsies.

Incidentally, at a subliminal level, all leftists understand that theirs is a binary system. They’re either at the top or the bottom. Right now, it’s amusing to see the purges going on, with leftists attacking other leftists. It’s the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks all over again. But when you see the frantic virtue signaling, with every business in America trying to outdo all the other businesses by showing more empathy for blacks than the next person or by confessing more guilt, this is what you’re seeing:

Every one of the people lining the street as Kim Jong-Il’s body was carried away was trying to cry louder than the next person. It’s like the old joke about the bear:

A bear surprises two hikers. One of them takes off at a dead run. The other hollers after him, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!” The first hiker, still running, hollers over his shoulder, “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you.”

Right now, the virtue signalers are trying to outrun each other. Those that survive, the fastest and most agile, will then turn their deadly attention to you. They’re already dehumanizing you. Remember what Hillary said? You’re a “basket of deplorables.” Joe Biden just announced that 10-15% of Americans just “are not very good people.”

When I go on my Facebook feed and look at what the lefties post, what’s as interesting as the articles they post attacking Trump and Trump supporters is the chorus in the comments. Each commenter piles on frantically, trying to be more insulting than the next person in describing people, rather than challenging ideas: “Piece of sh*t,” “disgusting,” “disgusting white trash,” “clowns,” “slug,” “moron,” “bitch,” “dick.”

Blexit is the best thing that could ever happen to blacks but they’ve been so brainwashed into believing that they’re less than human, that their turning away from the loving hand promising to drag them out of the animal kingdom into which the left has placed them and place them where they rightfully belong, up here with the rest of the children of God.

UPDATE: This woman gets it (language warning):

(The image at the top of this post was the official “logo” of the 18th century British Anti-Slavery Party, which arise from the Great Awakening, a Christian Evangelical Movement.)