In America, the virtue of clarity

On the one hand, this may be the worst time in America since the Great Depression; on the other hand, it’s finally clear what we’re fighting.

One of the things that makes ghost stories so terrifying is that, until the ghost is fully exposed, people don’t know what they’re fighting. They know something is wrong but, unless the ghostly effects happen in other’s presence, their concerns are discounted. They fight alone and, until they’ve figured out that the problem is a ghost, they are fighting blindfolded, without weapons. It’s only when the ghost is identified, when others climb on board, and when you determine specifically what the apparition is and how it can be destroyed that you get resolution: Either you defeat the ghost or it defeats you.

For several decades, leftism has been that ghost in the American machine. For decades, leftists were the “good guys.” While they were already haunting the Democrat party, they were still invisible. The Democrat party was able to continue to pretend to be the party of the working man. Added to that, it was the party that welcomed feminists, gays and lesbians, and people of all color. It was the ecumenical party that would make the world a better place, through love, acceptance, and healthy diversity.

A lot of conservatives tried to point out that, lurking behind this affable exterior, was a terrible haunting, a monstrous creature that intended to do to America what it had done to Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, and any other place in which it could take hold. It would destroy the Constitution and our rule of law with its powerful ectoplasmic slime and turn us into possessed people, deprived of willpower, individuality, and the desire for liberty. Instead, like Stepford Wives, possessed Americans would robotically go through their days, satisfying those who had learned to control the ghost.

For decades, when conservatives said, “Ghost,” they were treated as…not crazy, but evil: Haters, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, anti-Semites, misogynists, elitists, and any other insult that Democrats could dish out to hide what they were doing. Because the Democrats controlled the media, pointing out that dumbing down education to make it easier for minorities harmed the minorities in the long run, Democrats cried “racist.” When conservatives argued based on 100% of all historic examples that the only governments that wish to disarm people are governments that wish to harm people, they were accused of reveling in death. When conservatives argued that any policy that destroyed the value of the nuclear family, whether it was welfare, sexual excess, same-sex marriage, or a cultural push for single motherhood, Democrats accused them of a whole panoply of wrongthink: racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc. You can make your own additions to this list.

In 2021, though, the left has given us the gift of clarity. The cutting edge of this clarity has proven to be education. Ironically, it was the Democrats’ beloved lockdown that gave parents a glimpse into their children’s classrooms. Suddenly they could see past the decades’ long con of “we love your children,” “we love to teach,” and “we are the most generous, martyred employees in America.” What they saw instead was that a substantial number of teachers and school administrators do not see educating children as a priority. Given the opportunity, they’d collect their paychecks and go home.

Education’s exposure as the machinery behind creating a leftist army went into overdrive when Critical Race Theory came out in the open last year. Democrats saw George Floyd’s death as their opportunity to effect fundamental change in America. They have a small window of time and they’ve dropped the mask about teaching entirely. They’ve revealed to parents across America that public schools do not believe that they’re teaching your children. Instead, they believe that they are indoctrinating their children, and you’d better stay out of the way. So no, conservatives weren’t making it up when they said there was a monster in the system. The monster is now standing exposed, red of tooth and claw — and parents are realizing that, if they don’t fight back, their children are gone as surely as if they’d been physically kidnapped.

For years, conservatives said that the Democrats’ immigration policies, which were sold to America as being the compassionate response to poor, brave people desperately yearning to be free, were in fact aimed at reconstituting America’s population into one more pliable and more dependent on Democrat party governance. In the meantime, the influx of illegal immigrants was taking away working class (white and black) American jobs, straining the welfare system, and bringing in crime, drugs, pedophiles, terrorists, and gangs.

When Trump took these concerns seriously and worked to halt the flow across the border, the Democrats painted him as the worst, most unfeeling monster on earth. Trump and all his followers were racists, people of pure, hate-filled evil. Trump put kids in cages — and conservatives applauded! He hated hard-working Latin Americans. He was a Nazi seeking racial purity in America and every MAGA voter was a brownshirt.

However, after six months of Biden’s border policies, we’re seeing the truth: The Democrats do not want a border at all. Instead, they are actively working towards shunting aside native-born Americans (of all races) in favor of a new population. (Hence those Biden t-shirts so many of them suddenly showed up in as they ran across the border.) The destruction of border towns is a microcosm of what the Democrats have planned for the rest of us.

I don’t blame the migrants. If I lived as they did, in squalid, corrupt, crime-ridden, mostly socialist countries, I’d come to America too if the president said I could. Of course, at some point, I might realize that I was going from the frying pan into the fire because the Democrats’ now-openly-displayed policies are inviting in — lock, stock, and barrel — the same squalid, corrupt, crime-ridden socialist policies from which the refugees are escaping. Now, kids are in even worse cages, except this time, with the Democrat mask ripped off, nobody’s saying anything.

The Democrats have also revealed themselves with tremendous clarity about race and non-heterosexual behaviors. If you don’t get with the programs, you will be destroyed. This isn’t about racial and sexual harmony. This is about forcing you to accept the brave new order. Resistance is futile. If you had any doubt and needed more clarity, look to the Army, which is forcibly being educated to accept that the country they’ve sworn to defend is inherently evil. Whites are born defective, with hate in their hates, blacks are superior, and transgenderism isn’t a mental illness but is, instead, a real, but magical, situation in which the soul of one biological gender is trapped in the body of another. No incantations will fix this, but plenty of taxpayer money, in the form of surgery and hormone treatments, will.

Across America, Antifa and BLM violence, hate-spewing teachers, broken borders, transgender imperatives, racist Critical Race Theory training in schools, governments, and workplaces, a demented puppet in the White House — all of it brings clarity. The Democrats are done talking about how they’re nice and everyone should be as nice as they are. Instead, they have moved into the “do it our way or we will destroy you” phase of political power.

The most obvious expression of this outside of the attempts to turn the Army into a cadre of people who will fly F-15s over their fellow Americans, dropping conventional bombs and nuclear weapons, is the purge the Deep State is conducting against people in and around the Capitol on January 6.

In 2018, when howling, screeching, violent leftists invaded the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings, nothing happened, nor were the FBI and DOJ perturbed when those same people tried to beat down the Supreme Court’s doors. But in 2021, when the Deep State’s political opposition gets in the act, the FBI and DOJ will hunt down every single person, lock them in prison, and throw away the key. Whether guilty of trespassing or innocent of anything other than objecting to a fraudulently conducted election, they will be destroyed.

In stating some of what’s been happening in the past six months, I’m not telling you anything you haven’t figured out for yourself. I simply want to make the point that, when it comes to Democrats, they’re feeling sufficiently confident of their power to say, “No more Mr. Nice Guy.” The careful, behind-the-scenes haunting is over. The monster is before us in all its glory.

And while seeing the monster is frightening and may make us feel helpless, here’s a good thought: We’re no longer alone because those who weren’t interested or even actively denied our claim that Marxism was haunting America’s institutions, can now see it too and recognize in what peril they are.

Even more helpfully, now that the Marxist haunting is out in the open and we can see it, we can target it. No more batting at smiley-faced chimeras. We are engaged in open political and cultural warfare. There are going to be more people like Tina Forte stepping up to lead the troops and more people making the effort to vote for her:

By the way, that’s Tina in polite mode. If you don’t mind a wall of obscenities, here she is in fight mode:

In the face of the “out and proud” Democrat monster, we need to abandon forever the genteel GOPers like Mitt Romney and the Bush duo. They’re Democrat-lites or such weak, nice guys that they could be easily rolled (although they sure showed their rat-lite viciousness when Trump called them out). We need people like Tina Forte who are fearless, focused, and fighting. The mask is off; the real political revolution has begun.