Tune Shuffle: Expand your musical horizons

Tune Shuffle: A fun way for Spotify users to get exposed to new music or to just doodle around listening to random music.

A young friend of mine developed a website that allows Spotify users to explore all sorts of music. Most services such as Spotify seek to take what you know and steer you further toward similar music. This site — Tune Shuffle — goes in the opposite direction by first giving you completely random music. If you like the music, you can ask to hear more of the same and if you really like the music, you can add it to your Spotify playlist. Or you can just keep listening to random stuff.

And when I say random, boy, do I mean random. Here are just a few things lurking in Spotify’s more quiet corners:

The buttons are pretty intuitive: The “thumbs up” means “more of the same and add to my playlist; the “forward” means “more of the same,” and the “arrows” key means “throw another random song at me.”

My young friend was striving for something with a complicated backend and a very simple, Occam’s Razor-style front end, and I think he succeeded.

Anyway, if you have Spotify and want to find new music (or just waste time), check out Tune Shuffle.