Author: Danny Lemieux

Half French, Half American, grew up in socialist Europe and would never wish for the same to be inflicted on his own United States of America. Christian and conservative (Episcopalian). Works in food manufacturing industry. Interests include martial arts, history and politics, bird watching, outdoor sports and travel. Soon-to-be empty nester.

Oil boom!

I met a semi-retired petroleum engineer in Alberta that was working on the Canadian tar sands development. I asked him what he had heard regarding the size of the Bakken oil field. He indicated that, pessimistically, it contained 1x the reserves of Saudi Arabia, while the optimistic projection was 3x the Saudi oil reserves.

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Stop the OPUEM trade!

DQ raise very important points about the power of language. The examples of “austerity” and “stimulus” certainly need to be addressed. But, let me address another problematic term: “government spending”. Far too many people seem to equate government spending (syn. taxes, benefits, welfare, rebates, investments, stimuli, grants, outlays, funding, etc.)

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