Author: Earl

Gray-haired Grandpa. Long-time college Biology teacher. Second-generation Californian now retired in Oregon and trying to get back to California to be closer to relatives. Married since 1969 with two kids, and two grandgirlies.


First, social justice warriors grab another scalp!   This time it’s Cinnabon’s, whose advertisement was cute and clever: ….or an absolute outrage, of course. Sadly, Cinnabon caved within hours and not only took down the tweet, but apologized – (Sorry, but I cannot [so far] figure out how to make

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Is This When We Finally Learned We Were Living In A Police State? Updated: 95 Year Old Vet Killed by Cops

Giggles, a two-week old whitetail deer fawn in Wisconsin was executed by minions of the state, who were only following orders. Giggles’ problem was that The Society of St. Francis rescued her, and the law prohibits rescue agencies (even no-kill ones like the Society of St. Francis) from holding state

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