An evening with Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, and Steven Hayward

I’m still vibrating from the excitement of an evening hearing Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, and Steve Hayward, something I try to share in this post.

Thanks to a kind friend, last night I once again had the inestimable pleasure of attending PRI’s annual gala. This year, Mark Steyn was the keynote speaker, Victor Davis Hanson received the Sir Antony Fisher Freedom Award, and Steven Hayward was the master of ceremonies. Honestly, for someone who is a political junkie and a total fan girl when it comes to good writing and effortless erudition, it doesn’t get better than that.

I hadn’t planned on taking notes because I always flatter myself that I’ll remember what was said. By the time that Hayward had made several hysterical jokes about San Francisco politics and Hanson had made a brief, but powerful, acceptance speech when he received the Sir Antony Fisher Freedom Award, I realized that, if I wanted to share anything with you, I’d better start writing things down. This belated realization is why I can only dredge up a few of the funny, pertinent things Hayward and Hanson said, but can give you fairly complete rundown of Steyn’s speech.

Naturally, because I’d convinced myself my memory was enough, I hadn’t brought any paper to the gala. I therefore ended up scribbling my notes on the little folded name cards PRI put by each place setting at the table.

Even notes, though, are inadequate to conveying the evening’s intellectual content. I can only liken what the three men said to a continuous cascade of verbal diamonds, with me trying to reach in and grab the most pertinent or funny. Given the number and velocity of those falling diamonds, I know that I missed more diamonds than I captured. I hope, though, that the following gives you some idea about being in the same room as three of the best political writers and thinkers working today.

Steven Hayward opened the evening by talking about the political insanity that characterizes San Francisco. Those were some fast falling diamonds, and I wasn’t yet taking notes, so I only caught two to share with you. The first was that “San Francisco is well on its way to making itself a work free drug place.” If you’re like me, and just about everyone else in the audience, it took you a beat before you realized that, not only was Hayward describing accurately San Francisco’s political trajectory, he was having fun with the mantra that employees are in a “drug free work place.”

The second Hayward joke that I caught was his statement that, when he’s in San Francisco, he feels like “bringing a Smith & Wesson to a Smith & Hawken’s city.” What I found especially funny about that joke is that the foo-foo, high falutin’ Smith & Hawkens, which once sent out catalogs that were the gardening equivalent of a J. Peterman Company catalog, now markets itself through Target. I’ll get back to you when I figure out whether that’s a “how the mighty have fallen” thing or a “wow, talk about profitable broad-based marketing” thing.

Victor Davis Hanson was up next, but he spoke with such brevity that by the time I got my brain in gear to grab those verbal diamonds, he’d already finished speaking. VDH mostly wanted to remind us about the importance of Sir Anthony Fisher’s institutions, which are all over the world acting as advocacy centers for free markets and free thinking. He did say, however, that California is becoming a dangerously bifurcated state economically and politically, a point that cropped up again throughout the evening. Continue reading

Martha McSally is looking for money to fight post-election shenanigans

Just because election fraud is a time-honored Democrat Party tradition doesn’t mean Martha McSally is going down without a fight — and you can help.

Martha McSallyRegarding Arizona, I find it hard to believe that a state under siege by illegal aliens, including drug runners and murderers, would vote for a candidate representing the Open Borders party. I also find it hard to believe that Arizonans would vote for a candidate who thinks they’re disgusting (although I’m sure that the drive-by media did everything it could to keep that information from voters).

Most of all, I find it hard to believe that, whenever there’s a tight race, in the race’s aftermath, ballots magically appear, all completely coincidentally favoring the Democrat candidate. I therefore would like to pass on to you Martha McSally’s plea for financial help in her fight against possible election fraud:

Supporters, the other night was a long one – but this race is still too close to call.

Right now we are just 17,000 votes ahead of our liberal opponent, with about 600,000 votes to still be counted.

This is what we’re dealing with: Sinema and the Democrats have prepared millions of dollars to sue me in court to bend the rules and exploit loopholes in her favor.

The Democrat Machine will do whatever it takes to change the results of this election.

Our general election campaign took everything we had, and with our coffers seriously drained, I need your help to secure the resources to maintain the integrity of the election and secure our victory.

We have an army of attorneys and observers lined up ready to work but we will need the resources to fight this battle. 

We need to be prepared to take this fight all the way. WE CANNOT LOSE!

I need your immediate help. Please donate whatever you can afford right now.

In service,

Martha McSally


Paid for by McSally for Senate, Inc.

And here’s a bonus video, because the Democrats’ conduct in Florida and Arizona reminds me of the events leading up to the Battle of Athens:

Now In The Center Ring, Trump’s Tax Returns

Expect the opening salvo of proggie House overreach to come over making Trump’s tax returns public. They can’t do it, but it will be fun to watch them try.

Trump's Tax ReturnsThe progs are obsessed with revealing Trump’s tax returns.  It is a fishing expedition reminiscent of a quote by Stalin’s Chief of the Secret Police, Lavrentiy Beria:  “Show me the man(‘s tax return); I’ll find you the crime.”

As a proggie at Politico wrote not long ago:

For the past two years, the search for Donald Trump’s unseen tax returns has been something of a quest for the Holy Grail, an elusive trophy that could unlock the mysteries of our political universe. Lacking real proof as to what the president’s tax documents might show, the imagination swells with possibility: Russia ties? Massive personal debts? A wealth substantially lower than his self-reported $10 billion fortune? Something nefarious?

Well the proggies now have the promised land in sight.  Reads an article in the Daily Wire:

Continue reading

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