Comment policy

Open Thread bubbleWelcome to my blog! I try to keep the comments as an open forum but I do have limits. Here’s what you need to know:

1. If this is your first time leaving a comment, the comment will be held for approval. I’ll check to make sure you don’t have a history of being obscene or threatening, that you do not use sexually or racially abusive language, and generally that your history shows that you are able to express your opinions in a civil way.

2. Once you’re approved, you can post comments freely at my site.

3. I try to police comments but sometimes I get pulled away from my blog and several hundred will pile up. I appreciate it when people notice someone behaving badly and bring that to my attention at bookwormroom (at)

4. I’m somewhat democratic in my approach to banning people. Long-timers know that, if they enjoy arguing with a troll, I will yield to their request that the troll keep his or her commenting privileges. Because I don’t like trolls (who differ from legitimate commenters who happen not to agree with me), I use Disqus to block their posts from my eyes. (You can do that too by clicking on the down arrow to the far right of the troll’s name and choosing to block that troll.)