Who has a finger on the trigger?

I've had an unusually (and delightfully) lazy day today, and can't bestir myself to any serious blogging.  Fortunately, others are willing to do the heavy lifting.  For example, here is James Lewis, at the American Thinker, writing about the fallacy between the attacks on Israel's nuclear weapons that seek to apply to Israel the same standards that need to be applied to Iran:

In a WaPo opinion piece this Sunday, Avner Cohen and William Burr present a critique of US policy on Israel’s nuclear weapons capacity. As usual in the liberal media, they take their facts completely out of context: This is Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark.

They fail to mention, for example, such little facts as the repeated genocidal attacks on Israel by Egypt, Syria and even Jordan over a forty year period. They fail to mention that Israel came close to being overrun  by a massive tank assault in 1973, which would have meant the second genocide of the Jewish  people in three decades. And they do not mention that Israel is in greater danger today than it has been since the Holocaust, as its Defense Minister has just said.

This is the standard leftist line. By suppressing history, it conjures up a moral equivalence between attackers and defenders, between free societies and what Sharansky has aptly dubbed Fear Societies.  Fear Societies do not represent their people, but brutalize them. They lack popular legitimacy and therefore moral authority. Today’s Iran is a Fear Society that has killed tens of thousands of its own people to give the Mullahs dictatorial control. Israel is both a free society and one that has its back against the wall, time after time.

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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    This is so typical, though…..we pass laws to attack the Mafia, and they get used against……pro-life demonstrators against abortion! Why go after a real and very dangerous threat when you have an easy target, and someone you don’t like anyway, available.

    It’s why every Israeli “atrocity” gets played on the front pages all over the world while the outrages perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorists are hardly seen at all. It’s SAFE to go after Israel, but reporting on the Palestinians can get you killed.

    This is simply nothing new — although no less despicable for that.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    Bullies like to take on weak people who won’t hunt your down and eviscerate you and your family. That is why I like the philosophy “Peace through superior firepower”. Because real security comes about if you can repay any damage inflicted onto you, a thousand fold onto the attacker. That settles most arguments immediately, without risk of violence. Israel holds the repayment to “little itty bitty punches”. That’s their choice.

    But it wouldn’t be mine.

    Earl’s hypothesis is correct, and it is not correct because we live in a “echoe chamber” here, but because the facts support the claim. The New York Times will pick on Americans, but not the Arabs by publishing cartoons. They said it themselves, they don’t want to do things that will engender violence on their people. Intimidation tactics work, and the only fools in this world are the fake liberals who try to convince everyone, including themselves, that intimidation tactics do not work and that it has NEVER worked on the fake liberals.

    It is Bush who is the bully, because the idea that they are the ones bullying the weak and not the strong, is too unpalatable to their Billionare lifestyles.