Mixed blessings

Go here for very good news about the Pope, and very bad news about the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Poland.  What makes it so bad on a continent that's been wallowing in resurgent anti-Semitism?  This time, it seems to come, not from the Left and the growing Muslim factions that characterize the new European anti-Semitism, but from the conservative religious side in Poland.  It means that there will be no haven for Jews on that increasingly benighted continent.

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  • jg

    Having seen so much hope from Poland in the last decades, I look for more background on this problem. (NPR link is rather sparse.)

    John Paul showed no signs of AS; we can be sure that Benedict will lead in fighting the disease, too.

    I am much more worried about AS’s ugly presence in the rants of Little Nobody, Hugo Chavez. And of course, ‘Red Ken.’ See the link below. (Chavez supposedly had a Christmas speech which was virulently AS.)

  • erp

    Unfortunately, there is still a lot of anti-Jewish/Israel sentiment among Catholics. I’ll probably have them dump on my head like a ton of bricks, but the truth is the truth and in this they’ll make friends with the Moslems whose one aim is to convert or kill them.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the energy to fight WW2 over again, let Europe go to Allah and be welcome. Any Jews left in Europe should get out while they can.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    Europe can have Allah, if Europe gives us all their nuclear weapons. I don’t think the French, at least, will do that.

  • jaleach

    Poland’s had a big problem with anti-semitism going way, way back. I remember reading on article about the country many years ago–I think it was in National Geographic–in which it was revealed that calling someone a Jew, whether they were or not, was an everyday insult (much as kids might say “That’s gay” or “You’re gay” today). The writer of the story witnessed anti-semitic incidents wherever he went.

  • jaleach

    I just went out for a cigarette and thought about this a bit more.

    One reason for anti-semitism in Poland likely revolves around the Pale of Settlement back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Russia established a zone for Jews that bordered/subsumed parts of Poland. The Poles, already angry about partitioning thanks to Russia and other European powers, placed much of the blame on Jews.

    Another reason has much to do with nobles using Jews to collect the crushing taxes on the Polish peasantry. It would have been far easier for the Poles to blame the Jew standing in front of them than some aristocrat sitting on his estate miles and miles away.

    I wouldn’t rule out Catholicism, either. While the Church has made great strides in moving away from anti-semitism, such was not the case three or four centuries ago. Poland is extremely Catholic today, and was more so centuries ago. It’s likely some of that old anti-semitism has been passed down through the generations.

    Poland is a proud nation that has survived numerous invasions, conquests, and partitions during its history. I’m not defending its anti-semitism, but collective historical memory in countries that have faced such obstacles (re: the Balkans) often solidify xenophobic sentiments.

  • Danny Lemieux

    So, Europe will drive out its Jews and replace them with Muslims, thereby sealing its fate as a cultural and economic backwater. By all means, Europe, send us your Jews, for, like their forebears, they will enrich the culture and economic prosperity of our nation. Europe will learn to regret its antisemitism for decades, if not centuries, to come. I agree with YM, however. Europe’s nuclear weapons are problematic. We’re American, however, and we will deal with them as we have always dealt with challenges thrown our way.

  • erp

    Let’s not forget how the media hoodwinked us into thinking the USSR was our equal militarily. It wasn’t true, and Europe’s nukes? I wouldn’t worry about them. If they ever had any that were operational, they’ve long been useless by now.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    The environmentalists and the greens were good for something. But you have to realize that France built so many nuclear generators because Chirac and the Right somehow “bought out the Greens”. That doesn’t bode well for the “non-functional nukes sold to Iraq” theme a lot of people kept telling me in 2002 cause they saw it in a movie… And they call me someone living in a fantasy land.

    As for France’s nukes, I really doubt that they are non-functional, because it doesn’t make sense for me for France to be able to build so many nuclear power plants and not know how to maintain their nuclear weapons. This doesn’t apply to Germany and UK of course, their weapons might indeed be suffering degradation from lack of maintenance and funds. The Soviets really had a big problem maintaining their warheads, probably one reason why they agreed to get rid of them.

    The thing about Jews is really ironic and sad. The Catholic CHurch (gotta love centralized control, eh) basically forbid usury which is the lending of money with interest. The Jews, because they were not Christians, fell into some kind of legal loophole where they were not Christians and also were not heathens and heretics. So the Church allowed them to lend money.

    What this ended up with was what is known as “class warfare”. If a Jew borrowed money from a Christian, and the Christian took him to court to get the money back, the CHRISTIAN would be found guilty of usury and jailed. If a Christian borrowed money from a Jew, the Catholic Church would legally enforce the deal and make the Christian pay it back.

    Add in the fact that nobles would be squeezing their peasants dryer than Baron Vladimir Harkonnen of Geidi Prime (Dune) and you got a small problem with class warfare. Okay, not so small.

  • http://stf.heavenlytrain.com Lorna

    Jaleach :( you can have Allah and the nuclear weapons. Many of us Europeans want neither.

    and Danny
    “So, Europe will drive out its Jews and replace them with Muslims, thereby sealing its fate as a cultural and economic backwater.” that attitude stinks. Europe is not a cultural backwater, it may not be as consumer-oriented, but is that a bad thing


    as for Jews and Europe. Take time to google Finland and the Jews in WW2. And be blessed

  • http://stf.heavenlytrain.com Lorna

    Forgot to say that I’ve visited Auchwitz and Birkenhau and it really was a ghastly place. we can never underestimate evil. One thing I never knew though was how many Poles were exterminated simply because Hitler need space for his troops, and the locals were rounded up and worked until they droped. If they escaped their whole local family was rounded up and hung one by one until they turned themselves in, only to be hung too.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Lorna, I write of what will be not what is. It took Portugal only two generations to go from being one of Europe’s wealthiest nations to one of its poorest after having expelled its Jews in 1497. The King of Spain begged for the Jews of Sicily to return once he realized the economic consequences of their expulsion. Turkey, having taken them in, prospered. Europe never appreciated the contributions made by its Jewish population, that “magnificent tribe” (to use J.R.R. Tolkien’s phrase) that survives, succeeds and excels against all odds. Regarding the glorious and historic European culture, however…it’s been rather thin gruel for the past half century or so…always wondered why. Socialism, perhaps?

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    Socialism, no. Democratic socialism? Yes.