Memorial Day

I won't be blogging today — family and all that — but I haven't forgotten that today is Memorial Day.  Wishing all of you a happy one, and one where we appreciate how, since the start of this Nation, there is so much our military has done for us.  I should add, too, that it is truly amazing that our military has always remained subordinate to our Democracy, rather than attempting to take over, as happens so often in other countries.


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  • Jack Jack

    Yes, our military, chagrined to assume the reigns of governance … And with our Unitary Executive, why would they need to?! We LOVE you, President Bush.

  • Ymarsakar

    Bookworm, did you see Washington the Warrior at 9 pm EST on the history channel?

    One of the things the episode showed me was that after the Revolution War was won, Washington stopped a military insurrection. The Continental Congress stopped funding the army, so the army wasn’t getting paid. That is not a good idea, and it has started many coups in the past, notably Roman times when the legion wasn’t being paid. Washington stopped this, it was his own troops after all, with one speech.

    It would have all gone to the crapper without Washington. The politicians were divided, and they did not see the need to fund some kind of common army after the war was won. Vietnam anyone? Let’s pull out of Iraq anyone? Everything wasn’t so peachy back in the olden days, that is for sure. The politicians have always been divided, stingy, and really unwise at times.

  • Bookworm

    The more one learns about Washington, the more one realizes that America’s success can, in large measure, be traced to Washington — including the fact that he refused a crown. What an amazing man he was.

  • jg

    Since May 30 is HISTORICALLY Memorial Day, best wishes on this 2d day of remembrance.

    The President’s speech at Arlington (May 29) had lots of sound bite type language. I think I liked the address from Donald Rumsfeld as well.

    War is a subject the Left continually buries in its own versions of unreality. No question why. To confront men and women who care and fight for good horrifies their amoral self-righteousness.

    One soldier’s example may destroy gigabytes worth of self serving lies.

    Full of their cowardly selfishness, how could the Left live with the truth that some would die for our people.. placing all Americans in a debt that is beyond repayment.

    How bitter a fruit is ingratitude. And still the Left owes its very ability to rant to those it despises the most.

  • Ymarsakar

    Populists are afraid of populism, and patriotism and love of country is even a more potent form of popular support than populism