Democracy, Palestinian style

After the Soviet Union fell, long-simmering regional disputes exploded, and we got to witness the ugliness of Central European civil war and genocide.  It was a reminder that a common enemy often serves to unite otherwise deep factional divisions.  I was reminded of this when I saw yet another story of Palestinians run amok:

Hundreds of Palestinian security personnel loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah faction went on a rampage tonight in Ramallah, firing bullets at the parliament and cabinet buildings and setting them on fire, after gunmen from the militant faction Hamas attacked the headquarters of the Fatah-dominated preventive security forces in Gaza with rockets and grenades.

And so on and so forth. 

Many, many years ago (about 25+), a lovely Arab woman I knew told me that there would never be peace in the Middle East because of problems amongst the Arabs themselves.  She said, "If you offer around a plate of cookies to a group of Arabs, they'll beginning fighting over whether they should be called cookies, or biscuits, or crackers.  And before you know it, they'll begin killing each other."  I've never forgotten that bit of insight.

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  • Ymarsakar

    It really is the desert environment. Sharing water was NOT a survival technique, nor was teamwork. Ever watch that movie Arrakis? Desert Power man.

    It’s like small town politics ultra-rationalized and ultra-supersized. Every single little freaking family-tribe is fighting with every single other family-tribe over a water hole, or a camel, or a sheep, or a daughter, or etc.

    In warfare, it is not so much small town politics, as it is internecine EUROPEAN politics where brother-in-law fights cousin Fifth Rank or whatever. The Russian angle, I always thought, was due to the fact taht Russia geared itself up to fight the US, and had prepared the propaganda apparatus across the world. When the Cold War fell apart, the Russians had no one to sell the weapons to, and the propaganda apparatus was taken over by local sheiks and “spiritual leaders” in the ME.

    Just as the Treaty of Versailles was a left over product from WWI, which precipitated WWII. The entire Cold War edifice in the Mid East was a left over piece of enriched radioactive waste product that contributed to the current WoT.

    Now every two bit thug and criminal has an AK-47, sold from Russian surplus stocks. Even if you win a war, that don’t mean the seeds for the next one hasn’t been sown. Reminds me of the cycle of Life and Destruction, actually. Plants die, seeds planted, volcanoes erupt, seeds pop up.