Dirty guys doing dirty things — or, follow the money

I don’t even have a link for this yet, but here’s the latest from CENTCOM about the link between crime and terrorism:



July 18, 2006

Release # 060718-07

Extremists linked to drug trade

KABUL , Afghanistan – Coalition Soldiers have seized an estimated $3 million in opium from an extremist compound July 13 after a Coalition patrol held off more than two dozen fighters until additional firepower arrived.

Following the engagement, the Soldiers found five dead extremists, but believe many more were killed.

A search of the compound found 70 kilograms of opium paste, a rocket propelled grenade launcher, four rockets, an AK-47 and ammunition, a passport and other documents.

“Recovering these weapons and drugs increases the safety and security of Afghans, and reduces the danger posed by criminals and extremists who might use those munitions indiscriminately to cause harm on the Afghan people, Afghan security forces or Coalition forces ,” said Col. Thomas Collins, Coalition spokesman. “This engagement also confirms with physical evidence that the extremists are linked to the drug trade in southern Afghanistan .”

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  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    In the past, the War on Drugs was a joke. When your “war” consists of arresting people and creating a power vacuum so that more ruthless street gangs fill the gap, that’s not a war, that’s called plugging the hole in the boat with your finger. A temporary solution at best. Real wars, total wars, are complete solutions. Japan’s surrender in WWII decided absolutely and with much finality, the fate and destiny of Japan.

    A real war means you start killing people, breaking their stuff, and releasing your limits. A friendly competitive boxing bout is not somewhere where you unleash all your bags of tricks. It is quite different in a life and death deathmatch however. Limitations and playing fair, when the enemy does not play fair, may only be taken from a position of strength. How you going to maintain and acquire hat strength when you start showing mercy, is a conundrum for geniuses to solve.

    Bush has a good propaganda position now, because he can actually link the War on Terror with the War on Drugs. A few televized executions of terroist-drug lords, a few propaganda programs showing that highly addictive drugs help terroists, and you might get some good PR points.

    The problem with World Wars is that there are way too many fronts. Sometimes interconnected, sometimes not. The logistics of Germany supplying Japan, is ridiculous tough. However, the Germans did send a U-Boat with nuclear materials to Japan so… it’s not like difficult means “not going to happen”. I guess the point is, the enemy will always try to out flank you and use things at their disposal. Chechnyan sex trade, Iranian and Egyptian slave trade, and the drug trade to make boat loads of moola. This can be exploited by anyone really. I mean you can make a good argument and propaganda message for crushing the drug trade to stop terrorism, as well as making a good argument that the government needs to go INTO the drug trade to push out our enemies from the market. Government distributed legalized cocaine and heroin, forbidden for private companies to profit from. So, when the enemy tries to outflank you by circling you, circle him. Maybe if Bush had some out of the box advisers, he might do something to that effect.

    It’s not surprising to me about the drugs. A lot of people don’t know this, but the terroists are on drugs, when they go jihading. That’s why 5.56 mm FMJ don’t work to kill them in one hit. You need like 5 body shots or something. It’s a good thing our soldiers can aim for the head at close range. Nothing like religious zealotry combined with opium, adrenaline, and chemn concotions to create the ultimate “kill bot”. What’s funny is that Hollywood has always tried to make movies about the military making the perfect “killer soldier”. Obey orders without question, jacked up with drugs and mind controlling influences, enhanced with superior DNA or whatever. These people and movie producers are jokes, clowns, idiots who should be thrown into the real “kill zone” and “military industrial complex”.

    Nothing like the drug trade to empower your “military industrial complex”, eh? The Left has one thing in common with the jihadists. They like drugs, and they like to do them, snuff them, inhale them, and snort them. Natural allies.

    You know what, one good solution for the poppy program is pretty simple. What’s the one disadvantage with America? America has lots of money, but we lack manpower, or voluntary manpower to go into the military. So… what do we do? What we do, is we find all those poppygrowers in Afghanistan, tell them that they can enlist in an “American lead force”, and that they will be paid commensurate salaries. Meaning, less than usual, but far more than they get in Afghanistan. Healthcare too, things like that.

    That’s the Empire model. Empires have always required you know “auxiliary forces” from conquered provinces. America is occupying like half the freaking word, and it’s a feat that the Romans could not match, because we did not even need to local auxiliaries to maintain control, not with 21st Century American Miltech. Oh Well, that’s one out of the box solution for poppies in Afghanistan. Other one is to “buy” them, for medical use in the US. Or whatever, sell them to Canada maybe and Holland. Don’t they legalize marijuana or something? Afghanistan gets a free trade opportunity?

    These are the out of the box considerations that Bush either has not considered, will not consider, will not tell the American people so that we can decide, or maybe nobody on Bush’s advisory team told him anything like that was possible. Oh it’s possible. America has BOAT loads of money. We got so much we don’t know what to do with them (Senators know, it’s called pork), even with a decreasing deficit, military expenses are still only 4.5% of GDP. That’s like ridiculously low for a 11.7 trillion PPP nation. You just consider that 10% means 1 trillion dollars, and the Pentagon does not get anywhere near 1 trillion dollars in funding. How many Afghanistani locals can we make into a shock troop to send into Iran with 500 more billion dollars, eh?

    Okay, that’s it.