Prolific blogging about Israel’s war

I’ve rather slacked off on blogging about the war.  I’ve made my position very clear, and am only dragging in stories that particularly catch my eye.  At Seraphic Secret, however, Robert Avrech is blogging up a storm about the war itself, and about coverage of the war.  Since he’s an extraordinarily elegant writer, and a sophisticated thinker, you could do a lot worse than to go over to his site to educate yourself about things you won’t see in the MSM.

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  • jg

    Bookworm, brentroos.wordpress has linked to this photo (see below). Interesting pic of old friends?

    Brent also posts a photo of the UN and Hezb. flags flying side by side; not sure of the context.

  • Bookworm

    Thanks for the link, Jg. What a very disturbing photograph.

  • Ymarsakar

    I didn’t find Debbie’s picture that disturbing, though.

  • jg

    Not being an admirer of the Associated Press, nonetheless their latest summary of the conflict below is better than usual. It contains a lot of information, for one thing, not just hazy generalizing. (link below. HEY, the story is signed, too!)

    I’m frightened for Israel. As BW has said, Israelis must not put their faith in others to defend Israel. ‘World opinion’ is pressing for just that.

    Speaking of that chimera called world opinion: one wonders where it lives? Who knows what is in the mind and hearts of civilized peoples thrown across such a wide earth? Who has talked to THEM?

    Some pretend to speak for us. The MSM is full of experts who know. They put words in our mouths.

    ONe lesson of this conflict–which the US has not learned from Iraq–is that decent human beings everywhere must not allow the press and their handlers
    to cede any country to terrorism.

  • jg

    The AP link is here. The story is new as I write.