Say it ain’t so, Joe

After crowing about the cheese-eating surrender monkeys losing against to an American in the Tour de France, I find very depressing the report that Floyd Landis flunked a drug test.  If a repeat drug test — with both samples drawn on the day of his extraordinary come-back — also test positive, he’s out.  All I can say, is given that the Tour de France, burned by drug scandals before, does take blood samples, what was he thinking?  Or, rather, why wasn’t he thinking!  Pheh!  And shame on him if these accusations are true.

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  • Patrick O’Hannigan

    Funny comment on this whole thing from the board, where some wag opines “the trouble is that they use European men to set their baseline for testosterone.”

  • Ymarsakar

    I’ll make a prediction, just for the record. His test came out high on testosterone and maybe other hormones, because it was either due to the increased pain because of injuries he sustained in his body that was reacting to the high stress environment, or it was because he took cortisone steroids as a pain relief prescription for hip pains that affected his hormonal balance that a drug test would show.

    There’s two research questions you need to ask and have answered. One, how does the drug test, test for banned substances. Second, what might cause a high testosterone result in his drug test.

    Answer those two questions, and therein lies the truth. I do not have access to an expert on pharmacology, sports doping, or drugs testing. But I’ll go on record here and say that this is similar to Lance Armstrong’s test, in terms of both methodology and politics

  • Ymarsakar

    Additional researching was on this link, and general site.