Hezbollah’s face

I can’t remember where I read it, but someone pointed out that, while in Iraq the terrorists like to show themselves, Hezbollah prefers an off camera presence, with the emphasis on the real and imagined bomb damage to Lebanese people and structures. It is interesting, therefore, to see at least one Hezbollah face. The video below is from the interrogation of Salim ali Saliman, a long-time Hezbollah fighter, trained in Iran and by Iranians, who participated in the kidnapping that precipitated this war. It’s a fascinating, sad, scary video. A silly thing that leapt out at me was his birthday: July 14, 1984, a date that brought with it two associations: Bastille Day (July 14, 1789) and the Orwellian world of 1984.

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  • http://judyrose.wordpress.com/ judyrose

    He looks like a nice young man. The incongruity between his appearance, and what we know he wants(and is willing) to do works against us, I think. So many of our own are telling us the conflict can be solved with cease fires and negotiations.

    But the way I see it, it’s idiotic to make believe you can talk a terrorist out of his intentions. What are negotiations except a forum to convince somebody you are right, or to decide which parts of your own position you will abandon in order to come to terms? In a civilized society, that can work. In dealing with terrorists — never! Nothing they say can be trusted. So where’s the value in talk?

    In my own post today, I cited a very good article that I found on The American Patriot. It talks about what we have to do. My post is entitled “Is Killing Them the Only Answer? YES! (http://judyrose.wordpress.com) I didn’t used to think like that – before 9/11.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    How difficult would it be for someone to convince me that the US Constitution was the bane of the universe and evil incarnate? That would the same difficulty level of convincing terroists to do something else for a living.

    In a fight between someone that believes the US Constitution is good and someone who believes it is evil, can this fight be solved diplomatically, through negotiations and compromise?

    The answer is irreducibly transparent.

  • http://www.judyrose.wordpress.com judyrose

    At the risk of repeating my point:
    How to you negotiate with someone whose sworn objective is to destroy you? How do you negotiate with someone who is honor-bound to lie to you (the infidel? How do you negotiate with someone who is only using your good faith as a way to delay you in your fight, while behind the scenes he plots and waits until he sees an opportunity to attack?
    The question isn’t HOW do you negotiate with him, but WHY?

  • http://www.judyrose.wordpress.com judyrose

    Uh-oh. I owe you a close parenthesis. Here it is. )

  • erp

    You said it Judy.