Good news about the missing Egyptians

All the missing Egyptian students have been rounded up.  It’s entirely possible that they were just on a little lark, sight-seeing when they should have been reporting to school, but it was bizarre and unnerving how quickly they dispersed throughout the United States. They didn’t go to tourist destinations, and they didn’t go to obvious places.  Instead, they ended up in Richmond, Virginia; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Manville, New Jersey; Dundalk, Maryland; Des Moines, Iowa; and Chicago.  With the exception of the Iowa and Chicago pick-ups, they all traveled in pairs.  In other words, there is something un-random, and so very not innocent, in their travel patterns.

In any event, even if they were totally innocent of trying to arrange terrorist acts in the United States, these Egyptians were definitely breaking the law.  I distinctly remember that, when I studied abroad, I was given very specific information about reporting to the police immediately upon my arrival at my ultimate location (and within a certain time window), and had definite obligations in order not to run afoul of the law.  So I weep no tears for these Egyptian wanderers, no matter how innocent their motives.  And if their motives weren’t innocent, I’m so glad they’re back in custody, and only hope they didn’t do too much damage while they were gone.

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  • Earl

    Now let’s see that they actually reap the reality results of their indiscretion (if that’s all it was). They need to be deported….pronto.

    If you think that’s too hardcore, I suggest you go see Flight 93 and World Trade Center and think it over.

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  • erp

    I hope they’re being sent back home ASAP otherwise the next “students” who arrive and then disappear may not be so benign.

  • mts

    Instead of deporting them, we should keep them. At Guantanamo Bay. Or reopen Alcatraz. Al Catraz’, I like it. They can relate to that name. This way they can’t report back to their senders what they learned here in their Ferris Bueller days. And they can be an example of what happens to those who are sent in the future as informational or biological terror mules. If we scare muslim Egyptians from coming to the U.S.A., well, waah. I still say we haven’t seen the fruit of their seeding yet. Sneaky ***tards did something underhanded, I just know it.

  • erp

    mts, that works for me too. Alcatraz really is an Arabic word which means pellican in Spanish.