Mark Steyn interview with Hugh Hewitt

If you’re near a computer or Ipod, you should take the time out to listen to this Mark Steyn segment on the Hugh Hewitt show. (I listen using Internet Explorer; it won’t work on Firefox.) If the above link doesn’t work, go here and look for the 9/14/06 show with Mark.

Mark Steyn talks about the illogical behind the Senate vote to give Jihadist prisoners full Geneva Convention protections. Steyn points out that, no matter how lovingly we treat these men, they’re still going to torture and behead our prisoners, because that’s what they do. Steyn also talks about Sinatra and his best accompaniest, Bill Miller, which is a good interview if you like that kind of thing (as I do).

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  • Ymarsakar

    Steyn has a funny accent, because when he sometimes talks about the idiots and the disgusting morons, it is hilarious to the ear.

    It’s got that ringing sound. From soft to high. But without being high pitched.

  • Ymarsakar

    I think the Senators believe they are holding terrorists to a higher standard. How that actually works legally, is your area of expertise, not mine.