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I can’t decide whether Rangel is a hero or not for his spirited but very weird attack against Hugo Chavez’s deranged UN speech:

Overall, I think I’m pleased by the fact that Rangel sided with America against Chavez, despite the backhanded compliments (damned with faint praise? praised with faint damns?) he directed at the President.

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  • Anna

    That’s kind of what I thought, too. Rangel never misses a chance to slam the President, but he’s ticked because Chavez was doing it. Made me think of when I was a kid…I no better protector and no worse tormentor then my brother! :)

  • JJ

    Only Wrangell himself can say those kinds of things about Bush – absolutely.

    But here’s what this is about, I suspect. This autumn is rapidly going to hell in a handbasket for the democrats. Things aren’t working out quite like they thought they would be – I’m sure right now they imagined that the President’s approval ratings (a term I just love, by the way) would be hovering in about the mid-twenties, and the national mood would be along the lines of “anybody but republicans.”

    But it isn’t working out. All this nonsense we’ve been listening to all summer from featherbrains like Chris Matthews, this “speaker-to-be Pelosi” crap, is blowing up in their faces.

    They’re realizing there’s a backlash coming, I suspect. Hugo Chavez is only repeating what they’ve been saying – what, after all, is the real difference between him referring to Bush as “the devil,” and several democrats referring to him as “Hitler,” when you get right down to it – because the American people really don’t like this stuff much, and seem to be liking it less every day.

    So they trot out Charlie! Now, Charlie’s more kinds of a pretentious, sanctimonious ass than there are words to describe him, but he’s something else, as well: he’s immune to the democrat’s kook base. He’s absolutely safe, a sure bet for re-election no matter what he says or does.

    If Reid, or Feinstein, or Pelosi, or Clinton, or almost any of the rest of them running this year got mad at Chavez for saying exactly what they’ve been saying, their kook base would be mad at them, and wonder about their commitment. (After all, this same kook base axed Joe Lieberman – and Joe was a reliable, knee-jerk, absolutely trustworthy, down the rails liberal vote on 99 out of any hundred issues – but they threw him under the bus for disagreeing about ONE THING!)

    So clearly none of the above can come out in Bush’s defense – but somebody has to, because – Holy Moley! – look what’s happened with the approval ratings, and look what the head-to-head “do you prefer a democrat or a republican” polls are doing, and all of a sudden the people seem to kind of like Mr. Bush again, and trust republicans again, and we better get somebody out there being very publicly on his side!

    Charlie! You worthless old hack! You don’t give a damn about what the kook base thinks, it’s irrelevant to your life – get out there and lead a cheer for the President, and get a democrat on the record with the American people as defending their President against this foreign snot-ball!

    Maybe they’ll forget what the rest of us have been saying, and forget Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Al Gore running around the world and mouthing off about how terrible Bush is in foreign venues, and we can keep our rapidly dwindling shot at getting a majority in one house or the other alive.

    That’s all this is. It’s pretty transparently an attempt to get on the right side of the coming November backlash.

  • jg

    You will see some of the news from Harlem showing a church crowd cheering Hugo Chavez. Here’s a link with some more quotes I hadn’t seen. It’s enough to make most New Yorkers sick, even Rangel.

    Are Americans so low that some will scrabble in the dust for the petrodollars flung by a megalomaniac dictator full of hate?

    Be Ashamed. Be Very Ashamed.
    By Seth Swirsky says at Political Mavens (which is a great site Bookworm has listed.)

  • Ymarsakar

    Well, Book, this is an example of what I mean by “Greater Union”. Regardless of the faults in your team, it still doesn’t mean some stranger can come in and try to split your team up. You know the Arab saying. Me against my brother. My brother and me against my neighbor. My neighbor with my brother and me, against the foreigner invader.

    So stereotypical of humans.

    The reason why teamwork is a good thing is because it helps people resolve their differences. Not by “UN talking and propaganda oration”, but by combining common interests, as well as fighting and dieing for the other. Humans don’t really trust strangers, survival reflex. It can be bypassed when the stranger becomes your blood brother.

    Those who prefer Chavez over Bush, however, are not part of any so called United States Union, greater or lesser. They would first have to be true believers in the US Constitution, you know.

  • Ymarsakar

    That was quite harsh of you Book, with the title ; )

  • Ymarsakar

    If Bush has an Iraqi division with US Marines go into a raid on Iran or Syria, Bush won’t ever have to worry about his approval ratings again.

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