I detect a Rove-ian plot

When it comes to Hollywood, you have to assume someone is making the following stuff up. It’s so extreme that it must be a Rove-ian plot to discredit Hollywood in the eyes of average, decent Americans. I don’t see any other explanation for a post that purports to come from a major Hollywood producer, who is defending the Michael J. Fox video by attacking, not only the counter video, but Patricia Heaton as well.  And, to add lunacy to craziness, a post that attacks Heaton by saying she’s a whore because she objected to a film role on the ground that the film’s quality was so degraded it was harmful to any children who might see it. You have to read this post to believe it, and you can read it at Michelle Malkin.

By the way, in the same Rove-ian vein, let me just add that Malkin is an unbelievably horrible woman because she works hard to make us stronger against those who vocally state (and show by their acts) that they intend to destroy us. How can one respect someone like that?

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