On growing up

I happily slept in this morning — until 8 a.m.  It was only after I woke up that it occurred to me that, in the old days, pre-kids, sleeping in used to mean noon.

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  • Al

    Sleeping in till noon? If the 6 month old gets up at 5:30 am, we’re all up for the day.
    And when they become adolescents, they HAVE to be at the horse farm by 6:45am to feed the horses,(and also to get there before her arch nemisis does) to make sure that everyone knows what they have to do. As the “father” of an adolescent female, I am still mildy supprised that I am allowed to breath in the same room.
    As a pediatrician with a boy and a girl, if you have all boys, you are blessed.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    As a college teacher with a boy and a girl, Al….I’ll argue with you! I love my son — he’s a great guy and a good man. But he’s not “mine” in anywhere near the way that my daughter is…..I’d not have missed being the father of a daughter for the world. Sons “belong” to their mothers (if anyone) in a very real sense. Daughters, if Dad is wise and plays his assigned role well, are his forever, and the relationship is of surpassing sweetness. I’ve always known this, but when Laura gave us our first grand-child, it was brought home in even stronger terms.

    That makes it sound like Laura and Gail don’t have a
    good relationship, and I apologize for that — their mother-daughter bond is beautiful to see. Gail spent the first month of baby Sophia’s life helping to get things going right, and there are now plans to be sure we spend retirement close by the grandkids.

    But…..it’s different than a Dad and his daughter. Stay close, Al — you’ll see.

    Enjoy your son, BW – if you have a daughter for Mr. BW, his life will be even more blessed.

  • Al

    There is no question that the old observation “My son is my son ’till he takes him a wife. My daughter is my daughter for the rest of her life” is in effect 90% of the time. But as my bride has observed with great amusement, her husband and her daughter have percisely the same personality. At our daughter’s current stage,I find it’s tactically safer to withhold comment, and let things evolve.
    And yes,stayying close.
    Congrats on your grandkids!