A paneled picture is worth a thousand words….

….and this great “Day by Day” panel has a wonderful plug for Flopping Aces:

I was especially glad to see that Chris’ cartoon is now entering the old media.  It’s not that I’m an old media fan — as you know — but I do like the idea of his message, especially the one above, being broadcast within the old media itself.

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  1. Sherlock says

    “…Chris’ cartoon is now entering the old media.”

    Great! But where? I exchanged several emails with the Editor of the Seattle P-I a few months ago when he was allegedly looking for a “new” strip. I suggested that if he really wanted “new” he should try DbD. He demurred, claiming that the P-I readership had already vociferously condemned a (Sunday only) “Mallard Fillmore”, deeming it more than enough of a disruptive intrusion into Libworld, although he was fighting the good fight to keep it in the paper.

    I ask you, what would we do without courageous men like this editor who will dare to expose the cultured SeattLib to a different POV through a weekly cartoon? No doubt they are chagrined and will all be a-twitter, the poor dears.

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