Mitt Romney

I like Mitt Romney. I like his ability to get things done and his presence. I agree with many, if not most of his viewpoints. I hope that his Mormonism does not get in the way of people evaluating the man and his policies. After all, he’s not inviting us to join his faith; we, however, would be inviting him to lead our country. As to the latter, Joel Mowbray, writing from Israel where Romney gave a speech, believes that Romney, out of all the candidates gets it, when it comes to the jihad being waged against the West and to Israel’s role as the front line in this much larger war. If you have an interest in seeing the 2008 election give rise to intelligent and real discussions about the effect jihad has on America and what America should do about it, do not discount the importance of a Romney candidacy. | digg it

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  • highlander

    I like Mitt Romney too. He was able, in a liberal state with a liberal legislature, to put in place a health care package which, while not perfect, is actually pretty decent.

    Here’s a link to a piece about it from The Heritage Foundation:

    Anyone who can accomplish something like that has got to have a lot on the ball.

  • highlander

    PS I’m reserving judgment until I learn more about his policies, but I’m inpressed with what I’ve seen and heard so far.

  • jg

    If Romney becomes a serious threat, look for the liberal flak to begin. It will not be called bigotry.

    Can we trust a Mormon to fairly govern America? We must start by asking Harry Reid.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Count me in the Mitt Romney fan club, as well. His speeches are models of resolute clarity and they come with an impressive resume. His handling of the Salt Lake City Olympics was superb.

  • ymarsakar

    Romney seems competent, and knows how to work the useful idiots on the Left. A necessary skill in this day and age.

    This guy knows how to get results. And we need results people.

    I don’t trust anything they say of course, I just look at what their behaviors hint as concerning Mitt’s model.

  • Mitt Report

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