Distance can give a clear perspective

Thanks to Danny Lemieux, I got to read a beautifully written, funny, absolutely on-point article from a Brit analyzing Hillary’s candidacy:

Only a few days have passed since Hillary Clinton announced she is running for president, but already it is clear that much forbearance will be required from us all in the long months ahead. This is not just because Mrs Clinton has started wearing ominous pastels and smiling a lot, or appeared to enjoy a joke apparently about her husband’s sexcapades in the White House

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  • http://blogmeisterusa.mu.nu Pam

    As usual, the biting British wit cuts right to the chase.

  • swampacreage

    Hilary Green with Envy

    Anyone in potential power should get the evil eye! Hilary is jealous of Obama who might upstage the possible first women president of the United States by becoming the first black president of the US.

    “O beware,my lord,of jealosuy: it is the green-eyed monster which does mock the meat it feeds on”(careful Obama,Hilary loves Black-Eye peas).

    Stay tuned for the upcoming JuliusObombius utterance ,Et tu
    BruteHorriBillius(sic). O MY Gaaaaaaa . . wd the drama !

    Meanwhile, I’ll get back to my envious live of others, by spinning my wheels, as smarter,luckier,and more ambitious an attractive people than me, set the world stage.

    ps Are Hilarys eyes brown or blue , hmmm . . maybe green ?