Regarding the fired attorneys, I sign on to what the WSJ said

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m incredibly pressed for time today, so can only blog in minute snippets.  To that end, let me just direct you to the WSJ editorial regarding the fake scandal over the 8 U.S. attorneys the administration fired.  I agree in every particular, whether it’s about executive powers, fake scandals, the right to fire employees, etc.

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  1. swampacreage says

    It’s easier to cripple than impeach(darn those lefties taking the easier route again).Matters not ,the real firing is coming Novenber 2008! Red faces will match their Red states.Might as well be fashionably co-ordinated when looking for a new job !

  2. Oldflyer says

    Bookworm, it looks as though your site has been infested with vermin.

    They can actually be great sport. We used to take a .22 rifle and go rat hunting in the corn crib. I know some folks will be shocked at that idea. But, in truth, there was only enough corn to sustain the working animals; i.e., the mule and the milk cows. Who knows, some day our society may reach the point at which we can not afford to give vermin a free ride.

    Your problem is that your vermin don’t actually have to show themselves to raid your premises.

    Just joking boys. Don’t take it personal now.

  3. Al says

    You know, I’m getting tired of Congressional Democrats demanding investigations of Republican actions without any real response from Congressional Republicans. When the Justice Dept. tried to find out where the $ 90,000.00 found in a Democrat Congressman’s freezer came from, the spineless Republicans helped the Dems stop the investigation. And that happened when the Republicans allegedly controlled Congress.
    Maybe the Republicans are raised to be polite, too polite.

  4. swampacreage says

    Hey Oldflyer ,we got something in common(I used to shoot vermin down at the OLE nuisance ground . . but hey who gives a rat’s ass about that now as I now live in a rat free zone )! Oldflyer(I like your nicname . . I’m thinking about chamgimg mine to THE RED BARON . . . oops I mean THE GREEN or BLUE BARON).I still got my .22 and I do shoot at the bush rabbits to scare them away(litle pests chewing on my trees).I just don’t hurt them !

  5. swampacreage says

    Al ,Al,if the Republicans investigate seriously . . yikes . . . the trail of money could lead . . well . . they just don’t want to go there . . if you know what I mean. Al you and I seek the truth but . . ya know . . there are others . . will feather their nests gleefully.THEY THINK YOU ARE DUMB IF YOU DON”T ! JUST DON’T GET CAUGHT KIND OF PHILOSOPHY !

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