It’s the last day! Let’s make something happen

(I’m keeping this bumped to the top. New posts follow, below.)

It’s Thursday and the voting ends sometime today. I wouldn’t mind a third place showing, so please take a couple of seconds and cast that one last vote for me.

Remember, the fact that you’ve voted before doesn’t mean you can’t vote again, and the fact that you haven’t voted yet means that you really have to rush out and do so.

The 2007 Weblog Awards

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  1. Mike Devx says

    “Vote For Me!”

    I can’t help it, I’m giggling, Book. You are now officially a politician!

    Where can I send you my money so you can wastefully spend it in inefficient ways, and eventually believe that I actually OWE my money to you?

    If we’d gotten organized, perhaps you’d be winning instead of a solid third. Typical of conservatives, we don’t organize to vote very well! I failed to ast my vote one day so far (I think)…

  2. Ellie says

    Like a Liberal, I’ve voted more than once for Book. As a Conservative, I also voted this am for my State representatives and local bond proposals. Please vote!

  3. Al says

    There once was a blogger named “W”,
    Whose questions really could trouble you.
    With mind and with might,
    she’d offer you light,
    And enlighten your mind for the love of you.

    No matter how many votes cast,
    Her blog will assuredly last.
    While the boring dull chaff,
    All groans and no laugh,
    Fade as other sites fail the Blogcast.

    We’re all here for you, BW

  4. says

    We care about votes because you care about votes.

    If it makes you happy, why should we then say no?

    The difficulty is that the 24 hour cycle prevents us from voting every time we visit your site. We have to wait, and waiting can often create unfortunate delays and lapses.

    You know as well as I do that the Left behaves in a far more swarmish manner. When one feels the need, he can call upon legions of followers to assault the gates of a disliked blog or person.

    Yet legions are not made up solely by numbers, it is also made up by the discipline and the quality of people in it.

  5. Al says

    You know that those legions who truly “follow the eagles” are disciplined, break camp at 3am Roman time, march twenty million paces (roughly twenty miles) make camp, and then do it all over again at 3 am.They believed in discipline, honor, and loyalty.
    That does not describe the liberal “legions”.
    Those cohorts come from a decaying, and fragile, plane of existence. They are like the chaff, which the wind driveth away.

  6. says

    Well, I’ve voted five times, I think….can’t tell what the criterion is for allowing me to do it again. It doesn’t seem to be just time, but who knows.

    Anyhow, I took a look at the two ahead of you….who’d want to read that stuff? Yikes!

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