This kind of thing could lose Florida for Obama

Little things mean a lot, and some Cuban voters in Florida, who might otherwise have been leaning towards Obama, may back off if they get a gander of his fellow travelers — Obama campaigners who are loud and proud in their support for Castro-ite Cuba and Che Guavara.  There is no indication at all that Obama authorized or even supports what’s going in Texas, but he’d certainly better disassociated himself from it very quickly.

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  1. says

    One can only hope!!

    I’m guessing that Billary will find SOME way to steal the nomination, but if not… 2008, it might be difficult to quell Obamamania with a 70-year old “moderate” Republican warhorse, regardless of his qualities.

  2. Tano says

    Surely you jest.
    Anti-Castro Miami Cubans are one of the most reliable parts of the Republican coalition.

    Anyone who is going to get worked up about this case of what some silly kid in a local campaign office tacks up on the wall, is obviously not going to be voting for Obama in the first place.

  3. Jymn says

    I`m so sick of stupid, idiot Dems doing this kind of moronic mistake. Captain is a foot soldier of unbridled allegiance to rascism, sexism and fascism, but he has a point that this is not a good sign for a presidendtial candidate. It shows someone who is not prepared, serious, or involved enough to manage an air-tight campaign. America is a fudged-up place, even among Dems.


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