And the winners are….

Watcher’s results are in, and this time I’m on top of things.

On the Council side, first place went to Done With Mirrors for the best post I’ve seen about the media’s “Grim Milestone” watch:  Get Your Grim Milestone Today?  Second place was for my post, “What Would You Do?,” which asked what you would do if you were an African-American and if everything Wright said about America as relates to blacks was actually true (because most people challenged his perception of the truth).  And do you think it’s a coincidence that the two winning posts have questions in their title?  Just asking.

On the non-Council side, first place went to Michael Yon’s “Stake Through Their Hearts,” another stunningly good post about Iraq.  Clearly, Yon is doing the war reporting so that the MSM won’t have to (especially since it’s decided to stop reporting on the war now that the US is not manifestly losing).  Second place was for the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s “CAIR exposed:  Part I,” an article with a self-explanatory title, and one that deserves to be read (again, because the MSM is not doing its job).

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  • Ymarsakar

    (again, because the MSM is not doing its job).

    The job of the MSM, as far as I have derived from historical trends, is to prolong wars, get more children killed, and motivate reckless actions such as car chases and serial killers.

    Ask General Lee and Sherman whether the media in both the South and North prolonged or shortened the war with their “news reports”. Ask the children at Columbine if they know that media attention on gun crimes and advocating for gun control legislation ended up with their school being put on a “gun free zone”, making them a high priority target for mass killing/suicide sprees?