Blog free day . . . sigh

I love blogging.  So, on days like this when I’m hitting the road for an out-of-town weekend, I feel somewhat bereft that I won’t get the chance to sit down and opine to my heart’s content.  But that’s the way it’s got to be.

Whether I blog over Saturday and Sunday depends on internet access, which is an unknown right now.  In any event, over the weekend, you guys will all be out having fun, so you’re not going to be checking in much regardless, right?

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  • Allen

    No checking in for me, but if you do blog I can catch up with it later. As to fun, it will be either that or miserable. I’m taking my horse and a new packhorse on their first expedition together. If there is a blow-up things often go from bad to worse in a trice.

    I will define success as me dismounting my horse at my discretion with said packhorse in tow.