The heart of the matter

My favorite quotation of the day, from a Dennis Prager column:  “The Vietnam War did to American liberals what World War I did to most Europeans — it rendered them anti-war rather than anti-evil.”  In one sentence, he’s summed up just about every fallacy that makes it so that liberals are bound and determined to let us and our culture die.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    The question I have is whether it is a total lack of imagination on their part that makes it possible for them to think that the alternatives to our culture and civilization could in any way be more acceptable. It’s not as if humanity hasn’t been there before.

    Does anyone have any good insights into their mindsets on this?

  • Mike Devx

    War is horrific. When you’ve never suffered the assaults of evil personally, it’s very easy to view war as the source of evil. When you have no sense of history, no mature philosophy of human nature… an anti-war pose becomes very fetching.

    This viewpoint then persists FOREVER… until the believer is confronted by evil itself, and until war rescues them from the evil. That’s the only manner in which a committed anti-war zealot comes to see war as merely a very violent strategy of domination; neither good nor evil in itself. That the purposes of war, as in the purposes of every human endeavor, are what is important.

    Of course, in judging whether a PURPOSE is good or evil, you have to put aside moral and cultural relativism as well. Since the Democrats believe firmly in 100% moral and cultural relativism – except for the USA and Israel, which are to be judged by special, different (and impossible) standards and are therefore evil – it will be difficult for the Dems to handle it when evil arrives at our shores, when the wolves are at our own door.

  • Ymarsakar

    People like stability and security. They don’t like the new guy that advocates for people to risk what they have now for long term security via short term risk taking. That kind of thing requires leadership, initiative, and courage. Things the sheep are not known for usually.

    War is simply a more exaggerated form of disrupting the status quo. Since people have it good here in the US, they see no reason why they or anyone else would want the US to be involved in a war.

    There’s some excuses they allow to be made, such as justified revenge or some what, but those things, just like with other human beings, are emotional and unstable. One moment you may have someone who prefers peace and stability to daring acts, and then another moment that person might be pushed past his limitations and he goes berserk and goes on a killing rampage.

  • Ymarsakar

    What previous generations learned and earned do not pass onto their descendants. Previous generations earned pride and the current generation only inherited the spoils of that pride.

    The point is, humanity can innovate because the previous generation’s lessons and memories usually die off when the last living member of that generation goes.

    So it doesn’t really matter in relation to the Democrats whether their ancestors or America’s ancestors had gone down the same path or not. They will, as all new generations, make the same mistake as their forefathers and there is nothing to stop it. If you did stop such repetition, humanity would then no longer be capable of innovation since we would not be bound by memories of what can or cannot be done.

    The price of free will is the existence of evil. The price of evolution and progress is the Democrats.