Open thread

Apologies for my silence today, but I let deadlines pile up and I now have to face that dismal music.  It’s entirely my own fault, because I wanted to blog, not do paying work, but the paying work has to be done — and I certainly owe it to my clients to do their projects and do them well.

In the meantime, if you are looking for stuff to tickle your brain, I can highly recommend the selections this week at the Watcher’s Council:

  1. “Evolution” = “Growth”
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  2. Making Capitalists
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  3. The Audacity of Newsweek
    Wolf Howling
  4. Curiouser and Curiouser
    The Glittering Eye
  5. And People think George W. Bush Is a Moron
    The Colossus of Rhodey
  6. BUMPED: McCain Ahead In Electoral Vote Race?
    Rhymes With Right
  7. Where we went wrong
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  8. Protecting Marriage
    Done With Mirrors
  9. Los Angeles’ Combat High School
    The Education Wonks
  10. Lebanon Becomes Hezbollahstan
  11. And Tango Makes 420
    Cheat Seeking Missiles
  12. Poll: Aberica Is a Sucky Place To Live Right Now
    Right Wing Nut House

Non-council links:

  1. POLITICS: Yes, Experience Matters
    Baseball Crank
  2. Obama on Lebanon: Cognitive Egocentric Porridge
    Augean Stables
  3. Lebanon’s “300” Heroes
    Ya Libnan
  4. Numb
    Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal
  5. Is the Criminal-Justice System Racist?
    City Journal
  6. Military Exceeds All Recruiting Goals
  7. Minn: Muslim Students Force Out Disabled Teacher With Dog
    Atlas Shrugs
  8. The Fall-Out: How a Guilty Liberal Lost His Innocence
  9. Heroes and Villains
    Dr. Sanity
  10. “We Are All Jews Now!”
    All Things Beautiful
  11. Has Obama “Lost His Bearings”?
    Sister Toldjah
  12. Holding Things Accountable for What Men Do With Them
    Classical Values
  13. Monopsony Madness
    The Atlantic
  14. Boris Scares Cameroonies

As you see, I’ve denominated this post an open thread, so feel free to chime in on subjects that interest you.  I’ll be back later (you know I will!).

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  • Thomas

    Hello Bookworm,

    Since this is an open thread, I’d like to take up this spot in cyberspace to offer some praises for your blog. I don’t think I’ve done it before and it’s long overdue :)

    The reason I come back to your blog time after time is because of the open atmosphere– if one can call it an atmosphere– fostered by your posts and your comments. You encourage discussions while others are bent on shutting it down. You invite others to elaborate, to delineate their positions, and are open to new ideas even when they are contrary to your own.

    Another very big plus of your blog is that it straddles an important but nuanced position in civil discourse. I believe you rightly reject political correctness for the mind control it is but you also encourage, and at times insist on, keeping the discourse within the realms of civility and decency. We can discuss virtually any subject under the sun, from race, Israel, Islam, gay marriage, Mormonism, et al, and we can discuss these sensitive subjects without people shouting and contorting themselves into pretzels to appease the PC guardians.

    This is what I enjoy: The free-flow of ideas reasoned out logically and well-argued. Even though I don’t agree with a few of your opinions and many of the opinions of your regular commenters on a variety of subjects, this doesn’t usually limit the discussion. In fact, usually when opinions sharply differ, that’s when we get the most pyrotechnic discussions going!

    Truly, Mrs. Bookworm, I’m not offering this as empty praise. I think this is simply the truth of the matter. :)

    Have a good day at work!

  • Bookworm

    Thank you so much, Thomas. I love my blog dearly, but I know that its quality (and it is a good blog) is a collaborative effort — I have some of the smartest readers around. I throw things out and you all build on them and improve them beyond recognition with your own information and analysis. We have created a true markeplace of ideas, where civility allows discourse into all subjects.

    Needless to say, this blog is truly one of the great pleasures in my life.

    And yes, I will have good day at work!

  • Ellie2

    I would also like to praise and thank BW for her blog. Writing, thinking, researching, teaching, is hard work! I am astounded by your output while working and caring for a family. You must surely be of pioneer stock, where women raised the food, made the clothing, did the laundry by hand and raised the children, that they likely birthed at home.

    And I know that writers need feedback. This is a work product that comes right out of your brain, your character, your reasoning, your interactions with life. It’s value is largely judged by the reactions it provokes. It is extemely hard to evaluate your own work – is this good? Does it make sense? Does it move you in some way? etc

    You have created a very hospitable place for discourse. But like too many hungry guests, we fill ourselves up and forget to praise the cook!

  • SGT Dave

    I’d like to echo the comments on the hospitality that you offer. If you don’t mind, I’d like to mention that a friend just started up a blog on wordpress –
    I don’t know how to do a link or otherwise. I’ll be writing now and again over there; SGT Mo is one of my troops out here in the boonies.
    Thanks for giving me the occasional space to rant about things military here; I appreciate it more than you can know.
    Be well and take care,
    SGT Dave – “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”-W. Churchill

  • Ymarsakar

    # “We Are All Jews Now!”
    All Things Beautiful

    Well, if we are all Jews, is that really consistent with the fact that I, being a Jew, have such views on war and violence?