Blogging may be light today

My son came home sick from school, so all my plans for hard work and intermittent blogging have been turned on their head.  I’m trying to work in five minute intervals (so I can check on him regularly), since I’m on deadline, but I’m not optimistic about getting my work done.  He’s really miserable, poor little thing, but TV is a consolation for him, and it’s about all he can handle right now anyway.

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  • Mike Devx

    “but TV is a consolation for him, and it’s about all he can handle right now anyway.”

    Best wishes for your little one’s health!

    I have to add, your sentence was very enjoyable. A reminder of just how vital TV is for stimulating our mental alertness and improving our mental health.

    Conversation between two tv junkies:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “Sure. Oh yeah, and dude supersize it.”

  • Bookworm

    I’m looking on this as an aerobic experience. Since the TV is at one end of our rather sprawling house (built on a hillside) and my office at the other end, and since I’m checking on him every five minutes, I’m doing a lot of stairs.

  • suek

    Re: the aerobic exercise…

    I’ve been having problems with my internet connection at home. My ‘puter says “you’re connected to the wireless, but the internet cannot be found”. I know I can go do a reset, but the router and the modem are at the other end of the house, and the house is what my Mom used to call a “railroad flat” – very long hallway, with “push outs” for rooms. My computer is at the garage end – about as far as the wireless will send signal. Since this has become an every morning occurrence, I called the cable company to see if I need a new modem. She tested the modem, and tells me that it’s fine. “Disconnect the router”, she says, “wait 30 seconds and reconnect”. Ok…back to see what happened. No luck. “Turn off your computer and restart” Ok…this works. The problem is somewhere between the router and the computer, I guess. My problem – not the cable company’s. Oh well. At least I don’t have stairs between the two ends of the house!

    Hope junior feels better soon. Sick kids make you feel _so_ bad…!