There is a time and a place for everything

I like both the reporter’s and the CHP officer’s very discrete wording (emphasis mine):

Two teenagers engaged in amorous activity while driving were injured on Highway 101 in San Rafael Sunday in a rollover accident so dramatic it caused a second crash less than a minute later, the California Highway Patrol reported Wednesday.A 17-year-old Fairfax boy driving a 2003 Toyota Tacoma told police his 16-year-old female passenger was kissing his neck and fondling him when the accident occurred, the CHP said. The girl, a San Rafael resident, was not wearing a seat belt at the time. Alcohol was not a factor, the CHP said.

“He, being preoccupied at the time, didn’t notice that there was a slower-moving vehicle ahead of him and at the last minute he swerved to avoid hitting the slower-moving vehicle and rolled over,” CHP Officer Mary Ziegenbein said.

The 12:44 a.m. crash near North San Pedro Road triggered a second, two-vehicle wreck, Ziegenbein said.

Fortunately, it appears that, despite the massive inconvenience these two accidents caused, no one was seriously injured.

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  • judyrose

    Don’t they know you’re supposed to park the car before you do that?

  • Ymarsakar

    Men’s long term thinking decreases exponentially proportional to the amount of mental consideration given over to the subject of women.

  • Al

    I am sure that all of us have done dirt dumb things in our youth, and most of us have fortunately avoided major damage. I’m sure that the CHiPs were reflecting on their own youth when writing this one up.
    Let’s hear it for all of us living life.

  • Ymarsakar

    Another reason why insurance companies charge through the roof for teenage aged drivers.

    You know you’re going to have to pay them for an accident, so might as well milk all of them.