Victory might be ours

I love Dean Barnett’s column explaining how much Bush and our military have achieved In Iraq and deservedly castigating the Democrats who would, first, deny that any victory is within our sights and, second, give the credit for American perseverance, strength and fortitude to the Iranians.

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  • Ymarsakar

    This reminds me of the Athenians who would often lynch or exile successful military or political leader simply because they had offended some sentiment of the mob.

    The Democrats, thus, would be the mob that favors emotion over rationale consideration of the benefits or detriments of kicking a leader out.

    A true meritocracy would be able to celebrate people’s accomplishments, no matter their social status, number of enemies, or political differences.

    In this sense, America is not a true meritocracy with the Democrat party in the state that it is.

  • suek

    Interesting, Y. I was thinking about a possible Dem win in the fall and Petraeus just the other day. People were so unhappy about the early “failure” of the military in Iraq…but they forget that the leaders of the military when the war started were “born” in the Clinton years. If the Dems get into power again, I expect the military to be decimated once more, and even worse, the leaders who achieve success will be the successful bureaurocrats. Then if we have a conflict, once again, we’ll have to retire the old guys and look to the young officers for the talent we need to actually do what a military is supposed to do. If there are any left. To paraphrase: You go to war with the generals you have, not the generals you want.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Democrats have always been very good at creating problems for Republicans to solve and taking credit for achievements by Republicans.

    A lot of young blacks I know believe Lincoln was a Democrat. How’s that for Democrats stealing the sacrifices of Republicans for themselves?