Obama, apparently, is running with no opposition

One would think that, now that the candidates for both parties are known, both of their vice-presidential choices would be the issue. How naive I am. In media-land, there’s really only one party running for the White House — the Democrats and some sort of vaguely known, but not really worrisome, opposition.  Or so one would suspect reading the opening to the Reuter’s VP story:

Obama’s vice presidential choice now the focus

With Hillary Clinton out of the U.S. presidential race, Democrats on Sunday began healing wounds from a bruising nominating contest and speculated about Barack Obama’s vice presidential choice.

Obama, who clinched the Democratic presidential nomination last week, was off the campaign trail, preparing for a tour of the country in his race against the presumptive Republican candidate John McCain in November.

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  • Ellie2

    The MSM has already decreed that BO will win in a landslide. Therefore McCain’s pick is irrelevent. I guess BO’s now the Inevitable One.

    Or — would it be too Politucally Incorrect of me to say “Big Brown”?

  • Ellie2

    “Dutrow had spent the five weeks between the Derby and Belmont bragging about Big Brown’s superiority and telling everyone how weak the competition was. He proclaimed that it was “a foregone conclusion” his colt would win the Belmont and become racing’s first Triple Crown winner in 30 years.”

    Just in case you don’t follow racing, he finished last.