“Don’t worry, children. Israel will protect you.”

Believe it or not, the words of my post title were my exact words to my children the other day.  My daughter came up to me, very concerned, because she’d heard somewhere that Iran has a nuclear bomb.  I assured her that Iran does not yet have a nuclear bomb, although it wants one.  My son, very worried by now, asked, “Can we stop them?”  My words, “Don’t worry, children.  Israel will protect you.”

I really want all of you to think about that.  Just about everybody is doing nothing, the US included.  Only Israel is taking active steps to ensue that the most volatile theocracy in the world, one that is committed to bringing about Armageddon for religious reasons, is not going have a nuclear weapon within the near future.  There is something epic, something Biblical in Israel’s willingness to strike a blow at the impending Apocalypse.

And for those of you who think it is a bad thing for a democracy to take a preemptive strike, let me remind you that, in a nuclear war, a preemptive strike is all you’ve got.