“Don’t worry, children. Israel will protect you.”

Believe it or not, the words of my post title were my exact words to my children the other day.  My daughter came up to me, very concerned, because she’d heard somewhere that Iran has a nuclear bomb.  I assured her that Iran does not yet have a nuclear bomb, although it wants one.  My son, very worried by now, asked, “Can we stop them?”  My words, “Don’t worry, children.  Israel will protect you.”

I really want all of you to think about that.  Just about everybody is doing nothing, the US included.  Only Israel is taking active steps to ensue that the most volatile theocracy in the world, one that is committed to bringing about Armageddon for religious reasons, is not going have a nuclear weapon within the near future.  There is something epic, something Biblical in Israel’s willingness to strike a blow at the impending Apocalypse.

And for those of you who think it is a bad thing for a democracy to take a preemptive strike, let me remind you that, in a nuclear war, a preemptive strike is all you’ve got.

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  • David Foster

    There are cases in which pre-emptive strikes are justified even in non-nuclear cases. If France and Britain had attacked Germany at the time of the Rhineland incursion of 1933 (and the balance of forces was then very much in their favor) millions of lives would have been saved.

    Many of the arguments then made against intervention sound quite similar to the things we hear from Democrats today. For example:

    Flandin (French politician): “The United States will accuse us of imperialism,” said Flandin.

    and “The hate of the Germans for us will increase.”

    He also expressed concern that Britain and Belgium were not willing to send troops in support of any French action.

    Deat (another French politician): “If, this very night, two months before the elections, a general mobilization is decreed, we shall be swept out of Parliament…And we shall have given the world the hateful spectacle of war-mongering. Abandoned morally by all the great Powers, we are risking, moreover, if we answer back, the worst of moral and material disasters.”

    British newspaper: “There is no more reason why German territory should be demilitarized than French, Belgian, or British”

    Lord Lothian (British poltician): “The Germans are after all only going into their own back garden”

    and “If Germany were allowed to rearm, this would give her an ‘equality’ that would enable her to sit without any sense of weakness or inferiority at the Disarmament Conference”

  • http://richarddisney.conservablogs.com Richard Disney

    It is interesting how roles are being reversed between Israel and the U.S. I think you are right that Israel will act against Iran before the U.S. will. I posted on the cringing nature exhibited by a British author toward a missile that actually kills the enemy efficiently. I am sure this is a feeling held by sizable populations in the United States as well as Britain.

    Wars are virtually impossible to fight let alone win when large segments of a population cringe at killing the enemy.

  • http://helenl.wordpress.com/ Helen Losse

    What’s saddest of all is that your children are concerned about bombs and about their own safety. Childhood should not be like this.

  • suek

    >>Childhood should not be like this.>>

    Life has always been like this. In spite of the great wars, the 20th century probably has had the most peace for the most people in the history of the world. Not perfect, certainly, but for the western world, pretty good.

    When I hear about the terrible things happening in Africa…

  • http://helenl.wordpress.com/ Helen Losse

    “Life has always been like this.”

    Of course it has.

    But since the Industrial Revolution, when people invented childhood as a time of little care, and since we had that kind of childhood(s) ourselves, we kind of owe it our kids to protect them or, at least, shield them from too much reality, I mean violence.

    Remember innocence? It was way cool (if you were a kid).

  • http://helenl.wordpress.com/ Helen Losse

    Before Definition

    I loved to twirl my wash cloth,
    make it slow-dance

    across deep, soapy water, content in
    the claw-footed tub, my mother singing.
    Life was simple, before definition.

    first published in ‘Mastodon Dentist”

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Helen’s right: childhood is a modern Western construct, and it came about because society became sufficiently affluent that children didn’t need to work.

    Still, children do have different minds. They’re simply not as well-defended against mental onslaughts. As adults, we can (usually) put our nightmares aside, whereas children process that stuff day and night at a very immediate level.

    Of course, in my childhood, it wasn’t so innocent either. I grew up under the shadow of the Holocaust, since so many I knew had suffered through it, or had family members die in it.

    I also grew up, as so many of you did, during the Cold War era of nuclear bomb drills. Funnily enough, though, that seemed so big and far away it didn’t worry me too much.

    What cast a blight over my childhood was something much more immediate: the Zodiac killer. He was my childhood nightmare, especially when he made the threat to attack San Francisco’s children.

  • http://thomaschronicles.com Thomas

    Hello Bookworm,

    From Israeli intelligence sources, Iran already has nuclear weapons. If I heard right, the have roughly 16 intercontinental range nuclear missiles of the old Soviet make and model (the SS-18?). Obviously they got them from Russia, the same Russia that has been providing Iran with nuclear technology for their centrifuges.

    But there’s a glitch for Iran. Those missiles can only be launched from elaborate launch-sites that have to be built, and they can’t build them without our satellites knowing it.

    The US has it as a causus belli standing order that if we see these facilities being built anywhere, we’re going to attack Iran.

    We figured we had time to deal with Iran, but that window is rapidly closing. Iran is close to achieving the capability of developing its own nuclear weapons apart from Russia and it’s constantly developing its means of delivery.

    If Israel and/or the United States doesn’t act soon, we won’t be able to. It’d be too late then.

    But then again, Iran doesn’t need nukes to set of “The Big One”. All they have to do is close off the Strait of Hormuz. China won’t get her energy, nor much of the world and you can guess what kind of wars we’ll get then…

  • Tiresias

    Don’t kid yourselves: Israel is the point of the spear – we’re the spear. You actually think something moves in the Middle Eastern skies without us knowing it? The Israeli jets will fly with full real-time up-to-the-second navigational aid and intel from US satellites. They’ll cross Iraqi or Saudi airspace, both patrolled by the USAF – who will studiously ignore their transit. They’ll be watched over and warned about Iranian response by US AWACS planes in the air over Iraq, and if anyone gets in trouble the punch-out areas where the pilots will be picked up by US helos are already marked out on the maps they’ll carry. Israeli tankers will refuel them on the way home in areas already designated over Iraq – areas where, oddly ernough, we won’t be looking for a couple of hours.

    In fact I’d go so far as to say that even the Saudi Air Force, haters of Israel that they are, will be: “shocked! Shocked, I tell you!” to discover that an Israeli mission passed through their air space.

    If this mission happens it’ll be because we’re complicit, and even the Saudis will be studiously looking the other way. (Enlightened self-interest: Iran as a nuclear power doesn’t do them any good, either – and the mullahs don’t much like the el Saud family.)

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I agree, T. I’m sure that the US and all the states in the region will support Israel. No one can afford a nuclear Iran. Still, it will be Israel in the cross-hairs.

  • David Foster

    When Israeli jets destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facilities in 1981, the NYT ran a pretty bizarre editorial. Excerpt:

    “Even assuming that Iraq was hellbent to divert enriched uranium for the manufacture of nuclear weapons, it would have been working toward a capacity that Israel itself acquired long ago.

    Contrary to its official assertion, therefore, Israel was not in ‘mortal danger’ of being outgunned. It faced a potential danger of losing its Middle East nuclear monopoly, of being deterred one day from the use of atomic weapons in war.”

    Think they’ve learned anything since then?

  • suek

    >>Think they’ve learned anything since then?>>

    Think they’d be in favor of disarming police officers???

    It really isn’t the weapon – it’s who’s going to use it and for what purpose…

  • Ymarsakar

    , we kind of owe it our kids to protect them or, at least, shield them from too much reality, I mean violence.

    That’s how the Baby Boomer generation was raised after the destruction of WWII.

    Things didn’t really turn out well by shielding people from reality.

    They have not learned a damn thing

  • Ymarsakar

    Contrary to its official assertion, therefore, Israel was not in ‘mortal danger’ of being outgunned. It faced a potential danger of losing its Middle East nuclear monopoly, of being deterred one day from the use of atomic weapons in war.”

    If having nukes means you deter others from using nukes, why then would people who don’t have nukes, be detered from acquiring them?

    And if Israel is the only one with nukes, and the only deterence comes from others having nukes, why hasn’t Israel used them already?

    The New York Times is made up out of restards.

  • suek

    Note good ol’ El Baradei again. That guy’s a mole…


  • rockdalian

    Here’s a historical fact: virtually every major IAF operation has been preceded by a carefully planned and executed deception effort. That’s why it would be a mistake for Tehran, the Europeans and the U.S. to accept this month’s exercise as the template for an actual strike. If past performance is any indicator, the Israelis still have a few tricks up their sleeve.


    For what its worth, I am disappointed that our leaders lack the will to confront this situation now.

  • Al

    If Iran has SS-18s and attempts to launch one, our seismologists should be able to tell the CIA where the launch site is. The SS-18s are rather old and need care and feeding. One would blow up on the pad if the mulhas turned the key.
    I’m with T. And I’ll bet there are a lot of fast reaction teams in all the branches just waiting for the word.

  • tomc

    While you are perhaps correct in stating that Israel will probably protect America (though perhaps not Europe, and certainly not the middle east) from an Iranian bomb, what about all other threats ?

    America is *NOT* defending itself. Do you seriously think it’ll be long before the next enemy surfaces ? What if Canada evolves in the next 20 years like Europe in the last 20 years ? The US would get a tidal wave of terrorist attacks poured over it.

    Israel is a wild card, a joker. It can save your ass. It *may* save your ass *ONCE*. What about the next time ?

  • suek

    Re: Ymar and 13. More to do with children than with Israel. Relevant? maybe. maybe not.


  • Ymarsakar

    It’s certainly relevant in a how to guide to creating narcissists.