Obama’s lies are catching up with him

I don’t need to tell you that Obama’s lies are catching up with him.  What I wanted to point out is that others are catching up to the unique nature of Obama’s lies, something I blogged about here and hereMy example is Ed Morrissey, who says neatly in one paragraph what it took me two wandering posts to say:

John McCain has reversed himself on off-shore drilling and the Bush tax cuts, as his opponents point out.  However, McCain acknowledges those changes and explains them (the oil situation has changed significantly and it has serious national-security implications, and McCain now admits that the Bush tax cuts worked).  Obama changes his position and tries to hoodwink people into believing that he hasn’t.  A gifted politician could get away with that sleight-of-hand once in a campaign, but when it starts becoming a habit, no one buys the act any longer — and Obama has a long string of reversals in just the last few weeks alone.  People get annoyed when a politician repeatedly insults their intelligence.