Confession is good for the soul

Sadly, since my husband is incommunicado, I haven’t yet had the chance to tell him this story, so I’m still sitting under the sword of Damocles.

On the way home from a swim meet, I stopped to get gas.  The entry way into the gas station was very narrow.  I saw that there was a post by the right front bumper and carefully turned to avoid it.  I missed that post.  Unfortunately, I managed to hit another post above the left rear tire.  My lovely new car is still fairly new, but no longer lovely.  I’m hoping that this repair comes in under $1000, but I’m not optimistic.  Body work never comes in under $1000.  And then of course there’s the “how could you do that” price that’s still to be paid.  Sigh….

At least my daughter had a good swim meet.  She’s getting better with every meet seeing her setting new best times.  I really admire the way she’s gone after this swimming.  She practices five days a week and does so with such gusto.

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  • Deana

    Oh, Bookworm, so sorry to hear about the accident!

    Don’t beat yourself up too much over it. Last fall, I was pulling into a parking space and actually hit the bumper of the van that was right next to me. I couldn’t believe it! I felt like such a dork. I had never caused an accident before and I was only going about 5 mph.

    Don’t forget to remind hubby that at least you missed one of the posts!

    Take care!


  • rockdalian

    An automobile is just a tool. Whats important rides within the vehicle. As long as there are no injuries, take it in stride. Stuff happens.

  • Bookworm

    Thank you, both! I have the sense that I committed a very girl-y accident, because I don’t have a strong spatial sense. I was able to maneuver around one post, but couldn’t do the mental calculations to figure the angles for two posts.

    I did tell my husband and he asked the question only a husband could ask: “Why did you do that?” Hmm. That’s a tough one. “I did it because I love the sickening crunch of metal against metal, I love to spend time at the body shop, I enjoy throwing away money and, most of all, I live for the question ‘why did you do that’.” He promised me that, when he gets home from his errands, he won’t look at the damage, although I have my doubts about his ability to keep that promise. :)

    To make matters worse, when I got home from trying to destroy my car, I found a letter my son had sent home from camp, begging for a message from me. Since I’d already included one letter in his luggage and then mailed him another three, I’m wondering if things aren’t getting through to him — of if what he’s getting just isn’t enough. Anyway, that letter made me feel pretty bad too.

  • Ymarsakar

    If he is homesick at summer camp, Book, you might as well give him a clear and direct mission to do there. If the general “buck up” comments aren’t working, you have to go specific and give him a task, something he can accomplish there and know that once that task is done, he can return home.

    As for the damage, I find it hard to visualize a gas station with so small an opening to the gas pumps or the facility itself.

  • suek

    Heh. I understand about the car….it’s sort of the virginal thing. You have this lovely new car and now it’s not exactly “the new car” any more. It has just become “our latest model family car”. There’s always a certain _pride_ in having “the new car”…and after it’s been dinged, well, it becomes a bit of a “has been”. No logic to it….

    We don’t buy new cars any more. There was a time when we did, but the first year loss is pretty steep. Ours double as delivery vans for our business, and personal vehicles. We just bought a 3 yr old van with all of 25,000 miles on it, due to the fact that our old van (10 yrs old, 280K miles) got crunched by a stupid driver who wasn’t paying attention. Thankfully our driver wasn’t injured. The entire back end was reshaped, gas tank ruptured and rear axle completely disconnected. This was from the front, mind you. Oncoming car crossed the yellow line and hit the van just behind the sliding panel door. Our driver had seen him coming and moved up as close as he could to the car in front of him, which was stopped at a traffic light. Unfortunately, there was also a dump truck parked on the curbside of the road, and the van was slammed into it, which pretty much completed the deformation of the van. We haven’t seen any money from the driver’s insurance company, and probably won’t – he didn’t have enough to cover the dump truck damage, our van and damage to his vehicle. We didn’t have comprehensive on the van for obvious reasons…so we’re out. Probably wouldn’t have gotten much anyway…280K miles is pretty much about at the end of life in any case! Still, it meant we had to buy another van, so it was costly for us. Love my new van, though. It’s a stow and go…seats fold down into the floor. Like magic. Automatic sliding doors, electric up-down, front-back, tilt back, tilt seat…all the goodies – which we wouldn’t buy if we bought it new, but when it’s used, you take what you get! Somebody got all the gizmos, and then didn’t drive it much…good for us!

  • Ymarsakar

    In reply to your twitter comments (yes I do read them, except I don’t use the option itself), would it be better to tell your son why you want him at the camp? Also in that sense, I don’t think the general answers of “for him to have fun or meet new people or learn new skills” would be adequate if he is desperately seeking out letters from home.

    I know when I was away from home or parents when I was young, I was desperately anxious because I either had nothing productive to do, I had nobody to talk to, or the new environment was too unpleasant or strange to adapt to easily.

  • ProtestShooter

    I once scraped a rental car against a post in a parking garage, transferring large quanitites of brightly colored paint from the post to the car. It quite a lot of scrubbing but I managed to rub off enough of the paint to find there was no real damage and the rental company never noticed but there was a good half an hour of wondering if this was going to work or not. So I got lucky but I can understand how you can scrape past something and not even realize it’s happening for quite some distance.