Quick picks that hit my email

Even though I wasn’t blogging, I continued to get great emails directing me to fascinating articles.  (And, truth to tell, some of the emails have been lingering from times before my vacation.)  Even though I’d love to do so, I don’t have time to comment at length about every wonderful email link I get, but I still want to bring them to your attention.  Herewith a very quick rundown of some cool stuff (with links, of course):

Europe’s leaders move right, while their policies stay left (go figure).

I like John Hawkin’s down and dirty analysis of possible Vice Presidential candidates for Obama’s consideration.

It’s a little bit dated in today’s fast-moving news world, but it’s still worth remember that, not only does Obama have almost no experience, to the extent he does have some experience, it’s unimpressive.

Although he wrote it for July 4th, I don’t think it’s ever too late to read Victor Davis Hanson’s celebration of American exceptionalism and the relatively painless fixes for today’s woes (especially considering the depressing July 4 column AP wrote, and to which I won’t link).

It’s also not too late to read Ralph Peters’ reminder that America’s freedoms have always been paid for with the blood of our men and women on the front lines.

You can live in France, but you’re not citizenship material if you embrace practices antithetical to French values.  Makes sense to me.

Thanks to everyone who found all this fascinating material for me.

Indeed, a wider thanks to all of you who keep this blog exciting by having great discussions and by making sure that I don’t miss much of the more exciting and thoughtful information that’s available in the sometimes overwhelming blogsophere.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Al listen you are the greatest! I have had to deal with
    racism almost all my life because I am from India and
    people always branded me as a Paki, Muslim or yes, even
    a diaper-head terrorist. It was bad … so bad that I
    got abused and threatened. There was nothing I could
    do about it and I was so scared with all those attacks
    in the US and UK that racism would just escalate. If
    I hadn’t found Steelknuckle I think I’d still be hiding
    in the basement. Yesterday on the way home from work
    – I usually take the tube (subway) – someone called me
    to *go back to where I came from*. Normally I would just
    duck and leave as fast as I could but this time I wasn’t
    going to back down. I just grinned and said “yeah but you
    know … I love you guys just too much”. *LOL* and just
    kept walking. The idiot didn’t have a clue how to
    respond and just stood there in total silence. WOW!
    I didn’t get into an argument, I didn’t have to use
    force and fight … I just used what you told me in your
    book: COCKY CONFIDENCE! That is the best concept I have
    ever heard of! I may have not got the respect but it
    clearly shows everybody that you are an ALPHA-MALE!
    That shuts-up everybody who isn’t one right away!

    How may I ever thank you Al?

    Rajesh P.
    Manchester, UK

    Part of the newsletter I had subscribed to from steelknuckles.com

    While I tend to think ignorant jerks like that exist in the US, I’ve never heard about it and I certainly would have given the MSM we have today. After some odd years, they haven’t gotten a big story out of such an incident? Such incidents must not be very common, then. Or even uncommon.

    But when it said “UK”, I was like “ohh, so that is how it is”. The Brits, having lost all confidence in themselves, are now conducting a false confidence layer through bigotry, prejudice, and bullying.

    The natural state of decline for a once proud people.